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MORE Bachelor Nation Stars Calling Out The Golden Bachelor For Quickie Marriage & Divorce! Oof!

Bachelor Nation Stars Are Calling Out The Golden Bachelor For His Quickie Marriage & Divorce! Oof!

The drumbeat of criticism is growing louder and louder for Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and his now-estranged wife Theresa Nist after they revealed on Friday that they are splitting up following just three months of marriage.

The first public figure to criticize the duo was Al Roker (yes, really), who had some not-so-nice things to say hours after the split was revealed. Ana Navarro then slammed the pair during Friday’s episode of The View, too. And now, the call of criticism is coming from within the Bachelor Nation family!!

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As you will recall from our prior reporting, on Friday, former Bachelor Nation star Ashley Iaconetti took to her Instagram Stories to question Turner and Nist’s claims about why they are splitting up. But that Stories skepticism wasn’t enough! Ashley felt so strongly about calling out the septuagenarians over their quickie divorce that she and Almost Famous podcast co-host Trista Sutter welcomed ex-Bachelor Bob Guiney onto their pod over the weekend to talk more about it!

As longtime Bachelor Nation viewers know, the now-52-year-old Guiney was the star of season four of The Bachelor waaaaay back in 2003. So, he led the show very early AND he’s seen its development ever since. Thus, he knows Bachelor brouhahas! And he is NOT happy with how Turner and Nist’s story played out, either! Speaking candidly to Ashley and Trista, Bob called the Golden Bachelor‘s story “fundamentally flawed,” saying:

“Something must have been fundamentally flawed from the jump because you don’t let someone spend a couple million bucks on your wedding and televise it for the world to see to then just allow it to crash and burn so quickly.”


Bob then questioned why the 72-year-old Turner and the 70-year-old Nist didn’t “maybe pump the brakes” on moving so quickly into marriage — or possibly even get couples counseling more recently — before allowing things to fail so fast just three months after tying the knot. Guiney explained:

“Maybe they don’t live the life of a married couple — like a hardcore married couple at this moment because they’re already living separately. Maybe they just sort of take a few minutes and, I don’t know, try to salvage this whole thing.”

Seems like a slowdown would have been wise, right?! Just pause for a minute and work things out. Especially for two people who have been around the block like Gerry and Theresa. Age doesn’t automatically beget wisdom, but, like, come on… Bob went on to note how from his POV, announcing a divorce like this just 90 days after a televised wedding reeks of not doing everything possible to save their connection:

“I don’t care if you want the divorce or you don’t want the divorce. It sucks no matter what. At the end of the day, it’s like — I’m sorry — you don’t make that step without exhausting everything that you can exhaust if you truly love that person. I can say as someone who went through a divorce.”

Guiney isn’t kidding about that last part! His turn on The Bachelor ended with a relationship with Estella Gardinier. The two did not get engaged or married, though, and split shortly after the show ended. Bob then went on to marry Rebecca Budig in 2004 before divorcing her in 2010. He’s now currently married to Jessica Canyon. So, he’s been around the block with love, marriage, and failed relationships! And that’s why he’s super suspicious about Gerry and Theresa — and the supposed rift that came up due to the pair living in separate states even after they got married. Guiney said:

“If you’re a couple that all you’ve ever known is living apart, which is them, then I have a hard time. I have a hard time accepting the fact that they weren’t going to live together is why they’re getting divorced.”

Oof. Like we said, the drumbeat of criticism just keeps getting louder around the now-embattled Golden Bachelor stars. Thoughts, y’all?? What do U make of Guiney’s call out here — and all the others that have cropped up since Friday’s divorce announcement?!

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