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Bella Hadid Recalls 'Enormous Pressure' To Be A 'Sexbot' At Start Of Her Modeling Career

bella hadid : recalls pressure to project sexbot image for vogue

Bella Hadid reached supermodel status at a young age — but earning that title came with some downsides.

Bella and her sister Gigi Hadid have reigned supreme in the model (and celebrity) world over the past few years. The youngest of the Hadid sisters made her bones being runway ready, memeable (“Homeboy is gonna like… get it”), and being one half of an A-List relationship (with ex-boyfriend The Weeknd). But those are all the things that fans can see on the surface — as opposed to what’s happening underneath, with the “real” Bella.

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As one of a handful of models gracing the hallowed September issue of American Vogue, the publication declared her “something of an éminence grise” among them for her long-standing industry status. Of navigating that world, the 24-year-old admitted:

“It’s like there were two Bellas. Me, this person in the process of figuring out who she was, and ‘Bella Hadid’ the alter ego, who was, I dunno, a sexbot who goes out every night?”

She added:

“I have insane social anxiety. Partying is not my thing, but I felt enormous pressure to project that image because I assumed that’s all people wanted from me. Now I don’t want to live in that box. I definitely feel like I’m allowed to speak.”

Over on Instagram, Yolanda Hadid’s daughter reflected on her journey to the September issue, writing:

“I have worked in this business for almost 7 years now, learning/studying my craft and trying to be the best person, sister, daughter, model, role-model i could be, with a loving and curious heart/mind. Trying to navigate through this crazy life, with no ‘how to:’manual or rule book. Trying my best, Educating myself regularly, ears and heart open. through the ups and the downs, i have learned over time, and really know now, that everything happens exactly when it should. I rarely give myself a pat on the back, and although (ive heard) ive accomplished a lot before the age of 24, sometimes its hard to even tell yourself that you are proud of what youve done.”

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She continued:

“ive put out over 120 magazine covers and editorials, walked over 200 fashion shows, and finally have the opportunity to be able to focus on my philanthropic work that heals my soul. Today, What i am proud to say is that I am on the cover of the September issue of American Vogue! With a few of my favorite people in this industry. (In front of the camera AND behind the scenes) … People that show me everyday what it means to be an independent, hard-working, kind, intelligent, multifaceted human being. whether they started before or after, we all connected on a level that brought us together for this moment. We have been through a lot together and I am forever grateful to have been on this journey with them .”

It’s easy to imagine modeling as a glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle, and while that may be true, it seems that there’s a lot more to it — at least for Bella. We appreciate her giving us some insight into her feelings and her incredible career.

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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