Bethenny Frankel’s Celebrity Crush Isn’t Who You’d Guess!!

bethenny frankel celebrity crush

We all have our celebrity crushes.

We’re sure you can guess ours just by browsing the site (cough cough Zac Efron cough cough Alexander Skarsgard cough cough Ian Somerhalder cough cough Johnny Depp cough cough Ryan Gosling)!

But you’ll never be able to guess the Skinnygirl’s celeb fantasy!!

Bethenny Frankel‘s dream lover isn’t exactly known for his looks, but his funny bone tickles in juuust the right places! 😉

She explains:

“[Back in the day] I sold suits at a men’s clothing store called Beau Brummel that had a few locations in Manhattan. I thought it would be a great place to meet men and I wasn’t wrong: Jerry Seinfeld was a customer of the store and I used to pray that he’d come in when I was working. I had a MASSIVE crush on him. I never met him there. Years later I did a few brief times in LA.”

Hear that, Jason Hoppy??

Your wifey likes the humor!! Better start brushin’ up on those comedy skills! Ha!

Also, we don’t condone cheating, but maybe JerBear could be a guest on her new talk show?? Just sayin!!!

[Image via Ryan/WENN.]

Jun 9, 2012 9:00am PDT

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