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Billie Eilish Responds After Losing 100K Instagram Subscribers For Posting Boob Pictures!

Don’t paint us like one of your naked girls, Jack — we might end up losing 100k followers. At least, that’s sort of what happened to Billie Eilish.

On December 28, the Grammy Award winner posted two separate Instagram stories featuring naked pics. Well, sort of. They weren’t Kardashian-style selfies, these were pieces of art.

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Both of the posts were following the latest social media trend, the Post A Picture Of challenge, where fans asked celebs to post a photo of specific moments. In the first case, a fan requested that she share her favorite drawing, and the 19-year-old showcased her own doodles of boobs.

The singer captioned the post with:

these probably lol i love boobs

Billie Eilish Instagram Story 1
Censored for your safety. / (c) Billie Eilish/Instagram Story

The second question from a fan asked her to post a pic of her phone’s lock screen. In this response, Billie shared a story that featured a nude woman in a very artsy looking picture. But, again, more boobs. Gasp — the horror of all horrors!

Billie Eilish Instagram Story 2
#FreeThePaint / (c) Billie Eilish/Instagram Story

Apparently, some of Billie’s fans can’t handle the female form au naturel — or even an artistic depiction of it. Right away, one fan noticed that the Bad Guy singer had gone down from 73 million to 72.9 million followers — a loss of 100,000 followers in just ONE HOUR! Naturally, the fan took a couple of screenshots and posted it with the words:


In true Billie fashion, she lolled hard, clearly amused, and decided to share the post. She responded:

“LMFAOOO ya’ll babies smh

Billie Eilish Instagram Story 3
(c) Billie Eilish/Instagram Story

Later, in another story, Billie did another Post A Picture Of challenge. This time, the request was, “an unseen picture of you.” She totally posted a picture of herself flipping everyone off. Snark? We think YES!

LOVING that mask/hat combo btw. / (c)Billie Eilish/Instagram Story

Seriously, it’s 2020! Is it really such a big deal to post some tasteful drawings of breasts? Unless some randos happened to think her account had suddenly been hacked and turned into the porn hour? But, seriously, this is Billie Eilish, and she has a very specific brand. We couldn’t imagine her songs would draw people in who can’t handle certain risqué topics. The hitmaker has never shied away from that before. Her tagline even announces she’s angsty, weird, and dark. ‘Nuff said.

So what gives? Why all the unfollows from a couple of boob pics?!

None of this seems to be dragging down the pop star. Eilish, who got her start with Ocean Eyes after posting the song to SoundCloud, is no stranger to the fickle nature of people on the internet. Fortunately, she’s grown up around all of this and the way people sometimes troll for no good reason. We’re on your side here, Billie, and we personally see no issue here at all.

Besides, she’s definitely more focused on her sophomore album than how many followers she has or doesn’t have. That is, if people stop poking fun of her for her hair color… Sigh…

[Image via Rolling Stone/YouTube/Billie Eilish/Instagram Story.]

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