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Bodybuilder Arrested After Allegedly Shooting HIS PARENTS On Christmas Morning

Bodybuilder Arrested For Attempted Murder Of His Parents On Christmas Morning

A wealthy couple in New York is facing the shock of a lifetime after their son allegedly attempted to murder them on Christmas morning.

Dino Tomassetti, a bodybuilder and the son of a family who helped build NYC’s skyline, has been arrested for allegedly shooting his parents on Saturday in their $3.2 million Long Island mansion.

According to police reports, a neighbor reported a “disturbance” at the estate after construction mogul Rocco Tomassetti, 65, and his wife Vinceta Marsicano-Tomassetti, 64, were shot inside the Hewlett Harbor house at around 10 a.m. The 29-year-old son escaped in a Cadillac Escalade, but the Nassau County Police were able to track the vehicle using GPS. Dino was arrested in New Jersey with the help of the Mahwah Police Department. According to the Daily Voice, he is being held at the Bergen County Jail pending an extradition hearing. He will be charged as a fugitive from justice and specific charges will be determined once the extent of his parent’s injuries and conditions become more clear.

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According to reports, Rocco and Vinceta are fighting for their lives in the hospital. Vinceta was supposedly shot in the head and Rocco suffered a gunshot wound to the back. Rocco is in serious condition, while his wife’s is unknown. The Long Island Herald reported that both were found alive inside their home and are expected to survive after undergoing surgery for their injuries. A Christmas miracle…

Dino’s motivations remain unclear at this point. Interestingly, the family has faced controversy in the past and is believed to have connections to the mob. Dino’s grandfather, Dino Tomassetti Sr., owned the construction company Laquila Group which has been linked by authorities to organized crime.

In 2006, a New York Times article exposed Dino Sr. for allegedly, illegally making thousands of dollars by accepting a $2.5 million contract to build a concrete decking for a new wing of the Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens. He secretly hired another company to do the work for $1.4 million, making off with a $1 million profit. The Times explained:

“The scheme came to light after Laquila failed to pay the second company.”

In the same article, the company was indicted for racketeering in 1987, as well, after allegedly bribing local officials to let them illegally dump construction waste in New Jersey. Years later, Dino Sr. tried to create a waste business in the city and was rejected by New York City Sanitation Department in a report that claimed the businessman lacked “good character, honesty, and integrity.” Yikes.

The company is famous for projects that include the Goldman Sachs headquarters near Ground Zero, the Bank of America headquarters, many condominiums, and more. One of Rocco’s sons provided concrete for the Freedom Tower and his daughter helped design the structure. Some very iconic NYC sights!

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The family certainly has a messy history combined with great success, making this true crime case shocking to many friends who chatted with local outlets. The New York Post talked to Dino’s “best friend” on Monday, who insisted the personal trainer was “not at all” violent. A worker in the East Williamsburg building where the young man lives added:

“He’s a great guy, man. I wouldn’t expect him to do something like that.”

One of the parents’ neighbors also shared:

“They’re very fine people. I can’t say a bad word about them. I feel sorry for them. What else can you think? I feel very sorry for them. I hope they survive and come out of this.”

We’ll have to wait and hear what the police uncover. We will be thinking of Rocco and Vinceta as they recover from their serious injuries.

[Image via Bergen County Sheriff’s Office]

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