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Brandi Glanville's Lawyer Sends BANGER Of A Letter To TV Execs Demanding RHUGT Bathroom Audio Release!

Brandi Glanville's Lawyer Sends BANGER Of A Letter To TV Execs Demanding RHUGT Bathroom Audio Release!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Brandi Glanville says she wants the truth to come out.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is mired in a serious scandal right now. As we’ve been reporting, she’s been accused of sexually assaulting Bravo veteran Caroline Manzo while the pair were filming scenes for Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco.

In recent weeks, insiders have claimed producers captured “disturbing” audio of the alleged assault. Thus, even though the unwanted sexual advances weren’t caught on camera, the network and production company Shed Media supposedly had some kind of proof against Glanville.

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Well, now, the 50-year-old reality TV veteran wants that proof pushed out into the open ASAP! In a VERY strong letter sent by her lawyer to Warner Bros. attorneys and investigators — as well as Shed Media producers — Brandi’s lawyer is laying out the entire RHUGT scandal from her perspective and demanding the television execs come with receipts!!

In a three-page missive fired off by NYC-based attorney Duncan P. Levin and first revealed late on Tuesday night by Page Six, the RHOBH alum calls for WB and Shed to release “audio and video recordings that clearly demonstrate” her innocence from the Manzo-related allegations.

Addressed to three individuals — WB attorney Demian West, WB investigator Samantha Mirabello, and Shed SVP Lisa Shannon — the letter begins:

“It is with great disappointment that Brandi Glanville has been forced to retain this Firm to address the false and defamatory story about inappropriate sexual activity that has been propagated in the media and given oxygen by Shed Media and Warner Brothers. It is absolutely unacceptable that your company would knowingly and willingly allow such a story to take hold in the media, without any regard for the truth or the impact on Ms. Glanville’s reputation. You are in possession of audio and video recordings that clearly demonstrate that Ms. Glanville acted appropriately and within the bounds of the law. Your company is aware that three evewitnesses corroborate her actions; yet, Shed Media and Warners Brothers has chosen to sit idly by and let this false narrative continue. It is shocking that companies of your stature would engage in such a cynical ploy for ratings.”

From there, Levin gets right to the point.

With Glanville’s reputation now ruined by the sexual assault claims, the attorney demands Shed Media unearth “the full audio and video tape” of the alleged assault for the world to see and hear:

“What is even more disturbing is that Shed Media has instructed Ms. Glanville not to seek legal representation or to take any action to correct the public record. This behavior is simply unacceptable. We demand that Shed Media and Warner Brothers immediately release the full audio and video tape and any other documentation in your possession regarding Ms. Glanville’s completely consensual interaction with Ms. Manzo. We will not stand idly by and allow this unjust treatment of Ms. Glanville to continue. We expect a prompt response from Shed Media and Warner Brothers, and we are prepared to take all necessary legal action to protect Ms. Glanville’s rights and reputation.”

Brandi’s lawyer brings out the Bravolebrity’s own version of receipts in the letter, as well.

For one, Team Glanville claims Manzo offered “a smile and thumbs up” during the evening in question when asked if she was OK. Later, the lawyer alleges, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum also “made a lighthearted comment” about the attention she received from Brandi:

“As the audio and video will clearly demonstrate, the accusations leveled against Ms. Glanville in the media are unfounded and inconsistent with her actions during the evening in question. Upon information and belief, the other women present did not witness any signs of inappropriate sexual activity by Ms. Glanville, and your production crew — with good reason — did not once intervene, leading many there legitimately to question the validity of these claims. Not only did the eyewitnesses ask Ms. Manzo if she was OK, to which she responded with a smile and thumbs up, but, after the alleged bathroom incident, when the group returned to the dinner table, Ms. Manzo made a lighthearted comment to the eyewitnesses about having been kissed by a girl before but never having ‘kissed back’ until now.”

KISSED BACK?? They’re claiming Caroline was returning the advances?? Not that it means there couldn’t have also been a sexual assault, obviously, but if the network is sitting on that kind of info, letting out details in such a selective way to shape the story, that’s pretty messed up.

Levin then recounts how Manzo and Glanville were “seen flirting and touching playfully” and “enjoying each other’s company” as the evening progressed into the later hours:

“Your companies know full well that throughout the entire party the evening in question, Ms. Manzo and Ms. Glanville were seen flirting and touching playfully, with both women enjoying each other’s company. Witnesses — with whom your companies spoke directly — reported that nothing happened in the bathroom that was any different from the rest of the evening, and, upon information and belief, Ms. Manzo appeared to be clearly enjoying herself throughout the night. In fact, she had been open throughout about her liberal views on sex and was actively participating in the party’s playful atmosphere. The night in question was one that was egged on by your own producers, who, earlier in the same day, encouraged Ms. Glanville to bring some ‘excitement’ to the party.”

Whoa! We’d love to know just what producers said to Brandi. Bring some “excitement”? What was the context?

By the time the party arrived at the location where the alleged assault is said to have taken place, Levin says Brandi and Caroline were having interactions that were “affectionate and mutual.” Those moments supposedly included “a playful peck on the lips a couple of times,” and more:

“When Ms. Manzo arrived at the main house, the two women spent time together, enjoying some shots, laughter, and dancing with the other women. It is beyond contention that you provided non-stop alcohol and an environment where the participants were drinking and smoking marijuana all day and night. At one point, Ms. Glanville gave flirty lap dances to some of the women present. The atmosphere was lively, and everyone was engaging in playful touching and dancing. Ms. Glanville even gave Ms. Manzo a playful peck on the lips a couple of times. Throughout the evening, upon information and belief, Ms. Manzo continued to be outspoken about her liberal views on sex. As the evening went on, she indulged in shots and playful flirting with Ms. Glanville, which included a number of consensual kisses and touches. Their interactions were affectionate and mutual.”

By then — as a snake charmer arrived at the party — other RHUGT stars became involved.

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Levin specifically names Gretchen Rossi and Alex McCord in the letter to WB and Shed. There was apparently a third still-unknown eyewitness, as well, per the news outlet. What will they say they saw?

Levin explains Brandi’s interpretation of what happened that night:

“During the party, a snake charmer arrived, and the women eagerly picked up and even kissed some of the snakes. Afterward, they all wanted to wash their hands and headed to the bathroom in Ms. Rossi’s room. Ms. McCord, Ms. Rossi, Ms. Glanville, and Ms. Manzo were still in high spirits, giggling and flirting. In that bathroom, as the audio will confirm, nothing inappropriate or illegal whatsoever occurred. As you know both from your interviews and the audio and video that you possess, the four women washed their hands before returning to the party where they enjoyed some food and chatted. Throughout, Ms. Manzo appeared to be having a great time and didn’t telegraph any signs whatsoever that she wanted Ms. Glanville to leave her side. Overall, the entire incident was comprised of some flirtatious conduct and kissing between Ms. Manzo and Ms. Glanville, and all of it was absolutely mutual and consensual.”

Then, in a flourish, the lawyer concludes the matter.

Calling it “unacceptable” for Shed and WB to “continue to hold this evidence for ratings purposes” while Brandi is maligned in the press, Levin demands the entire thing be released at once:

“It is unacceptable for Shed media and Warner Brothers to continue to hold this evidence for ratings purposes and sit by while Ms. Glanville’s reputation is torn apart. You know the truth, and we hereby make immediate demand that Shed Media and Warner Brothers releases the audio and video footage from that evening. It is outrageous that Shed Media and Warner Brothers would allow these malicious and defamatory allegations to take hold in the media for no reason other than to gin up ratings for its upcoming show. The audio and video footage must be released immediately so that the truth can be revealed.”


You can read the full letter HERE.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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