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Internet Sleuths Believe Brian Laundrie Is Messing With His Spotify & Instagram While On The Run!

brian laundrie, gabby petito : internet sleuths notice activity on brian's spotify and instagram

The internet will leave no stone unturned in the case of Gabby Petito.

As we’ve been reporting, social media sleuths have been heavily involved from the time that Gabby was first reported missing. Now that her body has been found and her death ruled a homicide, suspicions have ramped up even further, particularly because her boyfriend Brian Laundrie has also disappeared. Whether the internet’s interest has helped or hindered the investigation remains to be seen, although so far, it seems to be a bit of both.

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So, could this next clue help uncover Brian’s location? According to some truly dedicated eagle-eyed followers, the 23-year-old has, in fact, been active online since he went MIA, and the platform may surprise you.

Amateur investigators following the case had quickly identified what appeared to be the couple’s Spotify account, as it shared a name with their YouTube channel, Nomadic Statik. Some even claimed to have found new playlists and new songs added in early September, after the date that Gabby was likely murdered.

Then, on Sunday, September 19 (five days after his family allegedly last saw Brian), one Twitter user observed:

“Brian Laundrie is still active on Spotify, the profile picture was of him and gabby yesterday & now it’s nothing. Crazy”

On September 22, another user shared:

“As I type, someone is editing the Spotify playlists Brian and Gabby had on their profile (NomadicStatik) the titles were just edited and the photo of Gabby removed songs still there. Brian added songs as recently as Aug 31st. could mean he’s active on a phone/device #GabbyPetito”

Indeed, someone had gone through and deleted every single playlist title (they previously had names like “self consumption” and “mtn tops”).

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So, what does this all mean? Well, we do have to acknowledge the possibility that Brian isn’t responsible for these updates. It’s not 100% confirmed that this account was Brian and Gabby’s, and even if it is, there’s still a possibility someone else has access to it.

But… if it is actually Brian using Spotify, it means that 1) he’s alive, and 2) he’s somewhere with WiFi or a cell phone signal. The question is, can authorities use this information to locate him? Twitter users hoped so, posting messages like:

“@FBI Brian Laundrie is active on his Spotify account, he changed names of multiple playlists over the past 24 hours!!! track his phone!!! He has some type of electronic so he has to in a home of some sort.”

Another speculated:

“If Brian Laundrie is still updating his Spotify Playlist, it would suggest he has a way to keep his phone on. Solar powered charger? If he’s connected to a mobile network it should be traceable. If he’s connected to wifi I’d assume he’s not in the middle of a nature reserve.”

For the record, some have also turned their suspicions to a decreased amount of followers on his Instagram account. Was Brian logged in and unfollowing people? Probably not:

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Could the Spotify info be a huge break in the case? Or are the social media sleuths falling too far down the rabbit hole? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram & Spotify]

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