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The Situation Calls Cops On Brother For Showing Up At His House Following Major Drama

The Situation Calls Cops on Brother for Showing Up at His House Unannounced Following A String Of Issues

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino called the cops on his very own brother Tuesday night!

According to the Jersey Shore star’s rep who spoke with TMZ, Mike’s brother Maximo showed up at his New Jersey home with a ton of gift bags that he was supposedly dropping off for The Sitch and his new baby boy Romeo. But when nobody answered the door, he proceeded to ring the bell multiple times and peer inside the windows, which totally creeped Mike out!

The rep claims Maximo lingered a bit after leaving the presents on the doorknob (as seen HERE) before heading out, but by that time the MTV personality had already called the police — who were at the scene in less than a minute. They informed Max that he wasn’t allowed to visit unless he was specifically invited over. Kinda odd right?

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Well, this drama goes way back. Apparently, the 39-year-old filed harassment claims against Maximo in July due to his erratic behavior. With a priority of protecting his newborn and wife Lauren Pesce, he reportedly had no intention of getting his bro arrested but wanted to send a warning: don’t come over without an invite!

And it worked, The Sorrentinos alum told the outlet he’d stay away but was sad that authorities were called in when he was just trying to deliver Puma BMW tracksuits for his brother’s family. He also denied any ongoing issues between the duo.

Huh. That’s inneresting considering in 2018 he told RadarOnline about the rift, “We have real drama.” He explained at the time:

“It is like any siblings in any family — we have our ups and downs… Mike and I always had a great relationship and then we hit a rocky road. We had gotten into a crazy fight and that lead to the police being called. But more recently he blocked me on twitter. I don’t know why he blocked me. This is the reality of our life.”

Not to mention the fact we saw them not getting along Marriage Bootcamp Reality Star Edition a few years back. Who is he trying to kid?

BTW, this is not the brother with whom The Situation committed the tax fraud that landed him in prison; that was his other brother Marc Sorrentino.

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[Image via WE TV/YouTube & Mike Sorrentino/Instagram]

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