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Brian Laundrie's Parents Guided Police To Body In Exchange For Immunity, Says Friend

Brian Laundrie Parents Found Body Exchange Immunity Deal

Finally finding Brian Laundrie after a month long manhunt should have been a relief for everyone following the case. Unfortunately the fact the authorities were not able to bring him in alive and question the sole person of interest means the murder of Gabby Petito may never be completely solved.

Not only that, but it turns out the manner in which the 23-year-old’s remains were discovered is raising more questions than it’s answering.

As you may know, it wasn’t Dog The Bounty Hunter or TikTok sleuths who found Brian in the end, but his parents, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie. After weeks of having no results searching through the Carlton Reserve for the hiker, police got some help from the fugitive’s family.

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Apart from telling police — four days later — that their son had disappeared on a hike into the nearby swamp, the Laundries provided precious little information, just as with the search for Gabby, who had lived with them for two years.

But all of a sudden the middle-aged North Port, Florida couple were leading police through the swampland, straight to the location of their son’s body, which turned out to be in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, an area adjacent to the Carlton Reserve.

Naturally, this has raised a number of questions. How did they find him so fast when police couldn’t for so long? Did they know where he was all along? And of course… why now? Why suddenly help after suspiciously refusing for so long??

Well, a friend of Brian’s believes he knows the answer to that. The confidant, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Sun that he and another friend who is closer to the parents believe Chris and Roberta flipped because they feared charges were coming:

“Brian’s parents made a deal with the district attorney for immunity. We believe his mom and dad struck some sort of secret deal of immunity between either the Florida DA or the FBI. Obviously, they want to save themselves and every little bit they have left.”

The insider says they think the Laundries agreed to “provide the necessary evidence to close the case” in exchange for “immunity for all charges of harboring, assisting, or whatever it might be.”

There are plenty who still believe the parents did help Brian in some way. While the police made the unbelievable error of mistaking 55-year-old Roberta for her bald son all on their own, the Laundries certainly gave Brian a head start by reporting him as missing so late. And they clearly had, at the very least, insight into where their son might be. When they finally joined the search, they found him that same morning. There’s no way that’s a coincidence.

This certainly all supports the theory they knew where he was the whole time and only gave up that info in a deal for immunity. But will we ever know for sure?

There is still Brian’s notebook. That could have info about what his parents did to help him evade capture. You know, the notebook that was with the dry bag that his father found… and picked up… and was alone with… The notebook that happened to not have been found safe and dry in the bag but outside in the water, possibly permanently destroyed by the water damage. There’s still that.

Why do YOU think the Laundries suddenly decided to help??

[Image via FOX13/YouTube.]

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Nov 02, 2021 17:49pm PDT