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Brie Bella Celebrates Post-Baby Body ‘Treasure Marks’ Seven Months After Giving Birth To Second Child!

Brie Bella Honors Pregnancy ‘Treasure Marks’ Eight Months After Giving Birth To Second Child!

Feeling empowered!

WWE star Brie Bella took a moment to appreciate her post-baby body and all it has brought into her life on Monday, and we are totally here for this positivity! After giving birth to her second childBuddy Danielson, just SEVEN months ago, the Total Bellas lead acknowledged how hard it can be to feel good in her skin these days. Sharing a photo of her “treasure marks” to Instagram, the 37-year-old wrote:

“The more baby weight I lose the more my treasure marks from Buddy are showing up. Buddy pretty much grew through my belly button lol I guess the old wives tales were right how boys grow! Low!! After my second C section I’ve been really kicking my butt to get my abs back! And sooo is the saggy stomach which is normal after babies. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look in the mirror and see my body. I always tell myself to be kind and grateful but I’m human so picking myself apart happens.”

After explaining the meaningful reason she and her sister Nikki Bella named their new body lotion Empower, the wife of Daniel Bryan added:

“You might see me at the pool in my one piece but I’m showing all of you that my treasure marks are something special. They remind me of a special connection I got to share with my sweet babies for 9 months


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Bringing life into this world is such an amazing thing! We love when we see women giving their bodies grace after this one-of-a-kind and transformation!

[Image via Bella Brie/Instagram]

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