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Brielle Biermann Forced To Call 911 On Kim & Kroy!

Brielle Biermann Calls 911 On Kim & Kroy!

Whoa… Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s fighting is getting SO bad that their daughter Brielle Biermann has been unwittingly dragged into the drama!

Radar Online just obtained new footage from a 911 visit at the exes’ shared Georgia mansion on Wednesday, which was seemingly started after the 26-year-old placed a call to the cops! The incident occurred on August 27 at around 11 a.m. local time. For those keeping track, hat’s just three days after the former NFL player filed for divorce for a second time — so things were heated!

Apparently, the Milton Police Department received a call from someone in the house, who immediately hung up and neglected to pick up the phone when the dispatcher called back. Police headed to the residence, noting the call was a priority 3-level emergency, meaning they believed a crime was in progress but that there was no threat of physical injury at the time.

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Once at the family home, as seen in the video, they were greeted by an embarrassed Brielle in sweatpants and a t-shirt who admitted she dialed for help after she “just heard chaos,” explaining that her “first instinct now is just to call 911 instead of inserting myself in the drama.”


If that’s become her go-to, just think about how toxic that home must be for ALL the couple’s kids?! Awful! As for what exactly was going on, she explained to the authorities further:

“Just rumbling of the suitcase. We’re supposed to leave for LA today, me and my mom. […] I could just hear chaos. I was asleep, and it woke me up. I couldn’t even make out what the mumble was. It was just, like, a lot of f**k you’s and whatever.”

She noted both she and her sister, whom she didn’t reference by name, didn’t “see anything physical,” but that when she is home and outbursts like this happen amid the contentious split between her mother and adoptive father, she prefers to call 911 instead of jumping in herself. She has also informed her younger siblings, Ariana, 22, Kroy Jr., 12, Kash, 11, twins Kaia and Kane, 9, to seek help “so someone’s alerted instead of it all being hearsay.”

Brielle later told the PD what her parents were up to, sharing:

“I think they are like in a deep conversation. I told them that you guys were here but they said that they don’t really need anything now.”

Of course, the cops refused to leave until they knew everything was OK because of all the “history,” so the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum eventually came outside in sweatpants and a black crop top. She said they were yelling at each other, but insisted, “we’re good.”

Kim expressed being frustrated that she was trying to pack and Kroy was seemingly causing issues, but she was excited to be getting away to go film The Surreal Life, which caused her to be out of the home for three weeks back then. Now, though, we know she’s back at the property and has been court-ordered to stay in the basement as the Don’t Be Tardy stars figure out how to live together through this mess!

Honestly… it’s probably time someone moves out because this is getting intense! See the body cam footage from the incident (below):

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[Image via Brielle Biermann/Instagram & Pickler and Ben/Bravo/YouTube]

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