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New Doc Claims 'Isolated' Britney Spears 'Binge'-Sleeps For Days, 'Aimlessly' Drives Around, & Has 'Fascination' With Knives

Britney Spears ‘Binge’-Sleeps For Days, Aimlessly Drives LA, & Has ‘Fascination’ With Knives: REPORT

Britney Spears is, understandably, having a tough time while adjusting to life after 13 years in a conservatorship. But how bad is it really?

In Monday night’s TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom documentary on FOX, sources revealed some very concerning details about the Princess of Pop’s daily life, including reportedly issues with her mental health and PTSD.

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TMZ‘s Charles Latibeaudiere began by claiming Britney lives an “isolated” life, sharing:

“Britney lives in virtual isolation. Most of the time, she’s at home by herself.”

Now, obviously this is somewhat to be expected considering how high-profile she is, but Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Charles Sophy both stated they felt this was worrisome considering this much alone time tends to make mental health issues worse. Dr. Sophy explained:

“When you have a mental illness and you isolate yourself, either because you chose to or you have to, that’s not good. It creates a place for you to only react with yourself. You are in your head all the time.”

Furthermore, insiders claimed the 41-year-old spends her days and nights “driving aimlessly” around her Los Angeles neighborhood, with TMZ‘s News Director Brad Appleton adding:

“Sometimes she’ll drive to a quiet dirt path, park, and just kind of meditate.”

Sounds kind of nice, tbh. She wasn’t allowed to drive for so long, she’s just enjoying safe little joyrides?

That said, it sounds like Britney’s habits are a bit irregular since she is a “binge-sleeper,” meaning she’ll sleep for “three days” and then “won’t sleep at all for the next few.” In a sneak peek of the doc last week, the outlet had claimed the Toxic artist was addicted to caffeinated beverages like Red Bull, keeping her up for days on end. Britney already clapped back at this, insisting she never drinks Red Bull and that she’s just picked up new hobbies that keep her occupied at night. Is this a health issue we should be worried about? Or just a natural result of being wealthy and full of energy — but without a career to focus on?

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Speaking of hobbies… the TMZ crew went on to allege the performer has a “fascination with knives” as a direct result of her traumatic experience in a mental health facility. According to Harvey Levin, the mother of two lives “in mortal fear” that someone will come into her home in the middle of the night, “strap her to a gurney and take her to a psych ward.”

Britney was involuntarily hospitalized twice in 2008 and spent time against her will at another facility in 2019 while she was under her father Jamie Spears‘ control in the conservatorship. She’s often spoken about how scary this time was for her, and a source told the outlet she has a “constant fear” of being “re-institutionalized.” So sad. We hope she’s getting therapy to work through all this…

As for the knives, Charles claimed the singer’s handlers were given a “recommendation” to “keep knives away from” her. Insiders also fear for Sam Asghari‘s safety! They said he should “be afraid to sleep without one eye open if she gets pissed” because Britney is “super capable” of hurting him. Elsewhere in the doc, sources also claimed the couple’s marriage is already in “deep trouble.” Jeez.

Innerestingly, this isn’t the first time the Crossroads alum has been linked to knives. Her sister Jamie Lynn Spears wrote in her 2022 memoir, Things I Should Have Said, that Britney once locked them in a room together while holding a knife. The Grammy winner denied the incident ever happened.

This latest update on the star comes alongside reports that Britney hasn’t seen her sons in “over a year,” as well. All very sad if true. Ahead of the documentary’s premiere, Sam slammed the “disgusting” reports and urged people to leave his wife alone while she adjusts to having her freedom back. He even insisted most of what’s being said isn’t true. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

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