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Britney Spears Discusses Her Own Fake News Conspiracy Theories In New Instagram Video!

Britney spears conspiracy theories

Britney Spears sees your #FreeBritney movement and raises you a movement of her own: #StopEditingPaparazziPicsOfBritney!
The songstress took to social media over the weekend to share a conspiracy theory she’s currently working on. Basically, she believes recent paparazzi photos of her have been edited to make her look bad — and she’s finally blowing the whistle on it.
In a series of videos shared to her Instagram Stories, the 37-year-old explains the recent pictures of her on a beach date with boyfriend Sam Asghari show her looking “40 pounds bigger than I am today,” when, IRL, she’s “skinny as a needle.”
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The video, shot in her signature selfie confessional style, then pans down to Brit’s “needle” thin body as proof. See for yourself (below):

For what it’s worth, one picture shows Brit riding a wave runner, so maybe it’s more of an unflattering shot than a full blown Me Against The Paparazzi conspiracy?
Of course, between that new Miley Cyrus Black Mirror episode and Britney’s own Instagram drama, we’re not sure what to believe these days when it comes to pop superstars and their public forums.
The momma of two mentioned these theories in her new IG video, referencing the fans who’ve been speculating that her team has been posting old workout videos of the star on her page to make it seem like she’s in a healthier state than she actually is.
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The singer is clearly protesting these theories with her new video. Not only is she setting out to show that her likeness may be compromised, she’s reminding fans that, regardless what they may see in current paparazzi pics, her bod is quite worked out.
Despite her own theories, Britney’s clearly been trying to get fans to stop believing that she’s not in control of her ‘gram. As we reported last week, the Piece of Me singer posted a video to the social media platform directed to her skeptics, telling them:

“For those of you who don’t think I post my own videos, I did this video yesterday, so…you’re wrong! But I hope you like it.”

The performer then proceeded to share a video of her rocking several outfits to the tune of Rihanna‘s Man Down.
This push to get con-Spears-ity theorists off her back is inneresting, seeing as Brit told a judge at her recent conservatorship status hearing that she was held at an El Lay wellness center against her will — just like #FreeBritney theorists had originally speculated.
What do U think the real conspiracy theory is here, Perezcious Sleuths? Either way, we just hope she’s ok.
[Image via WENN]

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