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Britney Spears On 'Dangerous Downward Spiral' Focused On 'Hot Guys' After Feeling 'Manipulated & Betrayed' By Sam Asghari!

Britney Spears On ‘Dangerous Downward Spiral’ After Left Feeling ‘Manipulated & Betrayed’ By Sam Asgari!

Britney Spears has reportedly got two things on her mind: men and freedom!

The pop star has been popping up in all kinds of headlines ever since her husband Sam Asghari filed for divorce after over a year of marriage. From good news, like introducing the world to her new pup, to the uglier side of things, such as various cheating allegations, it’s been one of the messiest divorces we’ve seen in a while, and it only promises to get nastier as legal proceedings rage on.

Considering the mental health struggles the singer has faced throughout her life, all this drama has her inner circle panicked — but do they have real reason to be so worried?

Several sources broke down exactly how Brit’s handling this challenging phase of her life and it sounds like a mixed bag, tbh…

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Let’s start with the positive. A source told Us Weekly on Wednesday that “this is a new chapter for Britney in more ways than one” since it is the first time she is navigating life on her own terms in over a decade! So, she’s been busy “focusing on herself” while prepping for the whirlwind release of her highly-anticipated memoir, The Woman In Me, out on October 24.

Plus, she’s cooking up some new music, too — and if that drops, it’ll surely top the charts! We bet she could write some killer breakup bangers right now — and there’s certainly a wealth of rumors to clap back at in the tracks!

The mag’s insider dished:

“The songs will be about freeing herself from negativity and unhealthy people.”

She’s also planning to do a big sit-down interview for the book (and there has been chatter she might even meet up with Oprah Winfrey for this kind of press).

That said, the first source insisted this would depend on her mental health status at the time:

“Her team will have to evaluate where she is at to see if she is ready for it.”

That’s understandable. A second source even argued Britney is trying to get the book delayed so she can spill the tea about her divorce, but so far there hasn’t been any change to the publication date that we know of.

For more good news, the Circus vocalist is also getting a ton of support from her fellow celebs, including Madonna who wants her to join the icon’s upcoming Celebration Tour, the confidant dished:

“Britney’s grateful for the support she’s gotten from her friends in the biz — Madonna especially. She’d love to join her, but the question is whether or not she can handle that type of pressure and attention.”

She’s got no shortage of job opportunities — unlike her ex! That has to feel good!

Don’t expect the Crossroads alum to be making her big comeback just yet though. She’s got love on the brain instead! That source also revealed:

“As far as dating goes, Britney just wants to enjoy her freedom and meet hot guys — that seems to be the priority. [But] it’s hard to know what Britney really wants down the line — it changes so frequently.”

At the top of her list right now? Per reports, she’s sparking romance rumors with her former household staff member, who reportedly has a criminal past!

Paul Richard Soliz has reportedly been hanging around with the Grammy winner a lot since the split. Another insider argued Paul is one of two people Britney cheated on her husband with during their relationship — and Sam found out about the infidelity via security camera footage:

“He was fired when Britney’s team found out they were sleeping together, but then he came back into the picture.”


Because of this budding rumored romance, the first source said:

“She was finally getting to a positive place, and then Sam filed for divorce. People are worried how all of this will affect her.”

A third source added:

“Some people are of the opinion that Britney’s on a dangerous downward spiral, and the stuff she’s been [doing] hasn’t done much to dampen that worry. The concern for Britney’s welfare right now is off the charts.”

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many people in the songwriter’s life who can be truly, authentically supportive of her right now.

Britney Spears Family Worried About Her Lack Of A Support System Amid Divorce -- As Jamie Lynn Spears Subtly Reacts!
(c) Judy Eddy/MEGA/WENN & Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

Since cutting ties with the Slumber Party music video star, the 41-year-old has been reconnecting with family members, including her brother Bryan who was spotted at her house shortly after the breakup was announced.

A fourth insider says Britney’s “always been close with Bryan” and that after the split, she has been reevaluating her relationship with her mom Lynne, whom she took steps to reconnect with in May following a three-year estrangement.

“Now that she no longer has Sam to rely on, Britney’s more open to possibly repairing things with her mom. She’s not sure they can ever fully recover, but she’s open to it.”

That said, she’s absolutely not going to forgive her dad Jamie, who was in charge of her conservatorship:

“Britney has no intention of reconciling with her dad.”

The first source also chimed in on that:

“Jamie is the last person she’d ever turn to. He will more than likely never be a part of her life again.”

Especially after reports Britney believes Jamie and Sam may have been in cahoots during the conservatorship, we understand why she doesn’t want to reconcile with her pops!

Also, she’s been on the outs with her sister Jamie Lynn for quite some time and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James with ex-husband Kevin Federline just moved to Hawaii, so there aren’t many family members in her corner. So, if she doesn’t have much family to turn to, who’s helping her? Sources claim she has some friends and members of her team to lean on. But… that’s complicated.

First off, there’s her longtime manager Cade Hudson. They’ve been tight for a long time, even vacationing together. But this bond may have impacted her romance! The third source suggested the aspiring actor was actually jealous of the friendship! They shared:

“Cade is probably her closest confidante right now.”

Hmm… So why was Sam supposedly jealous?!

The Gimme More musician also hangs out with her drivers, bodyguards, “and dancers who are either on the payroll or want to be.” And therein lies the problem! You can’t TRULY be her friend if you’re in it for the money! Oof!!

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The source sadly stated:

“The most tragic thing of all is that there seems to be nobody capable of really helping her.”

Tragic is the right word for it. Especially when you look at how things have deteriorated between her and Sam, who used to be her partner in crime. The fourth source explained, “Britney feels manipulated and betrayed by Sam.” It must also sting that she’s currently paying for him to stay in a luxurious high-rise apartment, which she will do “until they settle everything in court.”

There’s also reason to believe he will fight the prenup:

“The people around Britney felt in the last two to three years that Sam had ulterior motives.”

Jeez! Worse, the first source insisted Britney did NOT cheat despite allegations, arguing:

“That’s just Sam’s way out of the marriage. There was always a plan of action for his future.”


Apparently, the Grand Death Lotto star is “hoping things get resolved quickly,” adding, “he doesn’t want to play hardball with Britney, but if he has to, he will.” Ugh. It always comes down to the money.

We sincerely hope he really did care for his wife before all this — because if his plan was always to use her for fame and fortune that is f**ked up!

Thoughts on this BIG Britney life update, y’all?!

Sound OFF (below)!

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