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Britney Spears Hates How People ‘Pick Apart Her Posts’ After Being ‘Torn Apart’ By Framing Documentary!

Britney Spears Felt ‘Torn Apart’ By Framing Britney Spears Documentary

Not only is Britney Spears apparently hurt by the Framing Britney Spears documentary, she’s also said to be insulted at how people think the singer doesn’t write her own Instagram posts. Yikes!

On Friday, a source close to the 39-year-old opened up some more about how the Hulu film wrecked Spears. As you may know, the program examined Brits’ treatment by the media and her relationship with her dad, Jamie Spears — who is currently her conservator. Though, the Crossroads actress recently filed a petition for Jodi Montgomery to replace her father.

“There are no hidden messages. The documentary has torn her apart because there were so many assumptions based on conjecture.”

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That same insider also said the pop star felt it was “insulting” for people to “pick apart her posts” and claim she doesn’t have control over her Insta content. The confidant continued:

“Britney is extremely intelligent, strong, and business savvy. She is taking back her life. Portraying her as this backwoods hillbilly who posts hidden messages on her Instagram account only hurts her personally.”

Earlier this week, Spears broke her silence on the documentary in a candid IG post. In it, she noted how her life has always been under a microscope.

“My life has always been speculated … watched. I have been exposed my whole life performing in front of people!!! It takes a lot of strength to TRUST the universe with your real vulnerability cause I’ve always been so judged … insulted … and embarrassed by the media … and I still am till this day!!!! As the world keeps on turning and life goes on we still remain so fragile and sensitive as people!!”

She went on to detail how the film made her upset, saying:

“I didn’t watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in … I cried for two weeks and well . I still cry sometimes. I do what I can in my own spirituality with myself to try and keep my own joy … love … and happiness!!!! Every day dancing brings me joy !!! I’m not here to be perfect … perfect is boring … I’m here to pass on kindness!!!!”

Of course, many speculated that the post could have been orchestrated by Spears’ team members — much like her other posts. Even her former makeup artist Billy Brasfield claimed to Page Six that she hasn’t been in charge of her account for a while.

“I immediately knew it was not her. I texted her about it and she texted me back last night. What was upsetting [about the post] — it was basically a narrative denouncing her fans and the Free Britney movement and people now taking a very conscious look at the facts and what is going on. Although it might be complicated for her, of course, she is invested. It’s her life. She does not like being a victim, she never wanted to be a victim and doesn’t see herself as a victim. She sees herself as a survivor and has navigated this with patience and strategy.”

However, the Circus performer slammed the rumors that she has restricted access to her social media on Friday, telling TMZ:

“No, I’m not talking to him at all. I write my posts. I’m not sure who he is talking to, but I am not talking to Billy B.”

A source later explained to Us Weekly how Britney still works with a team to produce and curate content — something that’s common amongst celebs.

“Britney has complete control over her social media. She has her own social media team, and she and that team decide what goes out. The conservatorship has no involvement with that whatsoever.”

Still, Brasfield maintained he has been in contact with the artist, and he insists she doesn’t manage her posts. He told Page Six:

“I am not going to say that this person [her rep] is lying, it’s just that they don’t know. I am in touch with Britney Spears.”

Man, does anyone else feel like Britney and all of us need a breather from this? Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sounds OFF in the comments (below).

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