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Britney Spears Releases Disturbing Texts She Sent Mom From Mental Health Facility In 2019

Britney Spears Releases Texts She Sent To Mom Lynne From Mental Health Facility

Britney Spears is not letting anyone off the hook!

Her mother, Lynne Spears, has been trying to look supportive since the Toxic singer finally got out of her conservatorship — but is it all an act?

The pop star took to Instagram early Monday morning with a series of now-deleted screenshots showing text messages she sent to her mom, to her hometown best friend, and to her then-lawyer during a forced stay at a mental health facility in 2019. This was in a scary time after canceling her Las Vegas residency, Domination — and it’s clearer than ever how afraid for her health Britney was under her father’s thumb.

Making sure people believe her this time, the singer acknowledged that it’s always better to have receipts — which she has in droves! She captioned her post:

“It’s a little different with proof … Here are my text messages to my mom in that place 3 years ago … I show it because there was no response … When I got out, her words were ‘You should have let me visit you and give you a hug’”

That’s SO harsh when you read the texts!

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In the screenshot, the Toxic singer can be seen writing to her “Me Maw” about the medicine she was being prescribed and her fears for her safety. The 40-year-old penned:

“He was saying he wants to UP the seraquil and I’m like whoaaaaaaa horsey go f**k yourslwf. Seraquil I thought was a sleep aid but it’s for bipolar and is WAAAAAY Stronger than lithium.”

According to WebMD, Seroquel (AKA quetiapine) is an antipsychotic med that treats mood disorders including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It causes some pretty serious side effects, including suicidal thoughts. It’s unclear when she says “He” if Britney was referring to her doctor or her father, Jamie Spears, who was in control of her medical care as her conservator at that time. But, either way, it’s clear she was uncomfortable with the decisions being made on her behalf, as she continued:

“I literally feel alll the sick medicine in my stomach. I feel like he’s trying to kill me. I swear to god I do.”

Not the first time we’ve heard her say that

And, like, WTF?! She literally told her mom she thought someone was trying to kill her and instead of offering her help, Lynne reportedly ghosted the poor woman! And then she tried to shame Britney for not letting her visit? So cold!

The second screenshot included a message the Crossroads alum sent to her childhood friend Jansen Fitzgerald, who was supposed to help her get a new lawyer. In 2008 when the conservatorship was put in place, Brit wasn’t allowed to get her own legal rep. She was assigned Samuel D. Ingham III. And, shockingly, she wasn’t able to make a change until LAST YEAR! Though she was trying!!

In the texts, she is seen asking Jansen to send her someone’s number — while still seeking medical advice! Britney wrote:

“I need John bells number please.”

Later, she added:

“When u can. Also what about the lithium levels in your opinion and it being monitored for so long … of course they can MAKE UP any excuse to keep doing it but is it really healthy and ok to give blood for THAT LONG …. I have a feeling you will say I will be ok but it still doesn’t make sense.”

Despite vulnerably sharing her concerns with a confidant, she was met with no response — AGAIN. Britney explained in her IG caption:

“The second picture is a message to my friend from home … She was supposed to help me get a new lawyer … I never heard back from her …”

Geez. That’s brutal.

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She felt just as betrayed by her own lawyer, who was supposed to be looking out for her best interests but instead was one of several people who made her feel like she “had nobody” on her side. In the final screenshot, the Baby One More Time vocalist was seen texting future hubby Sam Asghari about changes she wanted to make to her life after getting released from the facility. She declared:

“I want to talk about going to court when this is done and getting my medical rights.”

She also listed a series of other issues she wanted to get sorted out, like giving her then-boyfriend “the right to spend the night.” She also wanted to make sure Sam could see her children, Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, whom she shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Among other things, the Grammy winner also hoped to replace some security guards. Most notably, she did not want to work ever again:

“When this program is over I don’t want to work at all … I want to live for me and have an adventurous life”

So glad to see that she is able to do that now!!

Britney didn’t sign off before putting her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, on blast, too! While she didn’t include a screenshot, the songwriter suggested that her sis had been just as silent during her calls for help at the mental health facility, adding:

“PS My sister’s text after not texting for 3 days was “They’re not gonna let you go so why are you fighting it’”

Yeesh. You can see the full text messages (below)!

Britney Spears Releases Texts She Sent To Mom Lynne From Mental Health Facility
(c) Britney Spears/Instagram
Britney Spears Releases Texts She Sent To Mom Lynne From Mental Health Facility
(c) Britney Spears/Instagram

Thank goodness this conservatorship came to an end!!

The legal fight, however, is far from over. Jamie has denied any wrongdoing, but he has been ordered to sit for a deposition to speak about the case. Lynne, for her part, has tried to suggest that she helped end the conservatorship, saying in court docs obtained by Page Six that “the status quo would have continued” if not for her “relentless advocacy.” Hmm. Lynne, Jamie Lynn, and Jansen have not responded to the outlet’s request for comment. Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram & WENN]

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