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Chris Redd Opens Up About Bloody Attack Outside NYC Comedy Club

Chris Redd Describes Bloody Attack Outside NYC Comedy Club

Chris Redd is sharing all the details about his brutal attack!

As we reported, the 37-year-old comedian was outside of The Comedy Cellar in New York City before his set last week when two men approached him, and one of them suddenly sucker-punched him in the face. While the scary incident might have seemed pretty random, it turned out not to be a mugging, and witnesses claimed the duo had been waiting at the establishment for more than an hour. Whoa! But thankfully, Chris seemed to be doing better days after the ordeal as he updated fans on his condition over the weekend, saying:

“I’ve been resting up like crazy but I want to say thank you thank you thank you for all the messages of love, the jokes, and the concern. I’m okay and healing fast!!”

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Now, one week after the attack, Chris is opening up about what went down for the first time! In a preview of his upcoming interview on The Last Laugh podcast, the Saturday Night Live alum says he walked to the club and sent a message to his cousin, who was at the Olive Tree Cafe above the venue. That is when the man just hit him with a metal object, causing enough damage to land him in the hospital. Chris recalled of the “surprise party of one fist”:

“As I put my phone in my pocket and continued to walk up to the Cellar, as I always do, this man hit me in the face with something – metal. I thought it was brass knuckles because of the way it cut my nose to the bone. I’ve been boxing for years. I’ve taken a punch to the face before, so it wasn’t terrifying, but what was worrisome is how much blood was coming out of my face.”

After being taken to Bellevue Hospital, the Kenan star found out he suffered two fractures in his nose, along with a fracture in his cheek. Chris also doesn’t think the incident was a mugging but instead a targeted attack, adding:

“A fist don’t normally do all of that at one time, so it was safe to assume I was hit with something. The dude hit me and ran off. I was sitting there. I fell down so fast. I didn’t even know I fell until I looked at the [surveillance] footage. … I jumped back on my feet very quickly literally immediately, but, like, I did hit that ground for five seconds, though.”

Chris said there had been so much blood following the assault that he wasn’t able to chase down the attacker – and no one else in the area tried to run after him either:

“He was gone. He hit me and he was gone. I was gushing blood so I couldn’t look around. It wasn’t really about the pain at that point. It was so much blood.”

Ouch! While Chris was ready to jump on stage and joke around with the crowd about what just happened that night, he knew he needed to go to the hospital in order to get the bleeding taken care of:

“If we could have stopped the bleeding, I would have went on stage. I was like, ‘I can’t wait to talk about this shit.’ And I’m glad I waited, but that was my first thought.”

However, Chris reassured everyone that he has some material about the attack already to go for upcoming gigs:

“I got some jokes for sure. As many jokes as other people have, nobody has as many jokes about this as I do.”

At least Chris can joke about the situation — even though the whole thing was pretty concerning! You can ch-ch-check out the sneak peek of the interview (below):

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[Image via HBO Max/YouTube, Chris Redd/Instagram]

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