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Claudia Conway Threatens Mom Kellyanne With 'Hours & Hours' Of Alleged Abuse Footage!

Claudia Conway teases hours of Kellyanne abuse footage

Claudia Conway has even more to tell you about her mother!

The teenage daughter of Kellyanne Conway took to TikTok on Wednesday to reveal she has “hours and hours” of footage that she believes will prove the former Donald Trump adviser is abusive toward her.

The 16-year-old’s latest revelation was a response to the chaos she caused on Tuesday by sharing two videos she claimed were compilations of some of the verbal abuse her mother has hurled at her, including calling her a “bitch” and an “a**hole.”

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But many critics accused Claudia of being a martyr and heavily editing the footage to make Kellyanne look worse than she actually is — to which the teen replied on Wednesday:

“I’m not looking for attention, I’m really not. I’m looking for safety, that’s it. I couldn’t fit it all into a 60-second video. I will release the full videos but they are hours and hours and hours long… I’ve literally shown you proof. If you want more proof, I’ll give you proof, but I don’t know what else to do.”

Well, if she’s truly seeking safety, we hope Claudia takes those hours of allegedly incriminating footage to the police ASAP.

Speaking of the police, Claudia’s latest post followed one which showed her listening to Kellyanne speaking to an officer in their house, writing:

“Guys she’s telling the police that she is unsafe because she is getting threats… she’s putting on a show.”

In a separate video, Claudia claimed an officer arrived at her house on Wednesday and she told the cop she was okay, but now feels “guilty when I shouldn’t.” She explained:

“I feel like an awful person but I’m not, it’s just the effect of gaslighting, I guess. I’m trending on Twitter which scares me but I’m good, I hope, I think.”


As we covered, Claudia caused an uproar this week after claiming her mother is abusive in a series of TikToks. The first video, captioned “a covid recap with kelly,” opens with Kellyanne allegedly calling her an “a**hole.”

Trump’s former mouthpiece later asks her daughter:

“F**k you, what the f**k is wrong with you?”

Later in the video, Kellyanne can be heard saying that Claudia should be glad she’s pro-life, that she can’t catch coronavirus from the president, and that Claudia will be put “in the only place that will take you and stop you from posting.”

A separate video features a voice believed to be Kellyanne’s telling Claudia:

“You’re never gonna record another f**king thing in your life, it’s going for forensic analysis.”

In yet another video, Claudia claimed she was “not looking to hate on [her] mom,” but was merely posting the unsavory videos to tell her “side of the story.” She explained:

“I want to add a little context to what I just posted. I’m not looking to hate on my mom but I’m just looking to tell my side of the story and the experience. I’m just going through some videos. I have hundreds and hundreds of videos just like that and I thought it was important because as a woman who has such power in this country, I don’t think people really know how she is. It’s also a reminder to anybody who is in a similar situation that you are not alone and that trust me, I get it.”

What do U think is really going in the Conway household, Perezcious readers?

[Image via TikTok/WENN]

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