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NYU Students Share EXPENSIVE Quarantine Meal Plans On TikTok & It's A Fyre Fest-Level DISASTER!

College students share sad quarantine meals

Y’all can’t blame Ja Rule for this one!

Students from New York University and the University of Georgia are taking to TikTok to share the meals their schools are supplying as they’re quarantining before the semester officially begins — and by the looks of it, these barely qualify as “meals”!

Students at the prestigious Manhattan university — where tuition and room and board starts at $74,000 a year — say the school has forgotten to deliver them food, will deliver three meals at once, and supplies them with morsels that leave their stomachs growling.

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Observe some of these sad dishes (below):

@bootysnailThey did not give me breakfast ???? this was the first meal of the day ##NYU ##college ##quarantine ##covid ##nyc ##usa ##uni ##RockinCollege ##food ##fyp♬ pour me up – sxmply.niya

@tongarongaCAN I PLEASE HAVE ONE (1) SUBSTANTIAL MEAL♬ original sound – alien_boy_forest

Wow… that’s barely a snack! One of the most bait-and-switch meals we saw was a supposed “chicken caesar salad” that turned out to be an apple, a packet of balsamic vinegar dressing, and — get this — a bag of tortilla chips.

@rico_da_foolChicken caesar salad but the chicken caesar salad is silent????????????##nyutiktok ##nyu ##fyp ##expensive ##flex♬ original sound – drydoodooflakes

And we thought the Fyre Festival meals were depressing!

For what it’s worth, the school is holding itself accountable… sort of. NYU spokesperson John Beckman told BuzzFeed News the school had “let down” their students and is implementing a few changes to “get it right,” but he put most of the blame on a third-party food vendor Chartwells.

The rep said in a statement:

“We are aware of the students’ complaints, which are valid. This is a never-before-tried operation for us and our food vendor, Chartwells… But it is vital to get it right, and we are disappointed in Chartwells’s management of the quarantine meals process.”

Students, meanwhile, are struggling through their days as they wait hours on end for the meager meals. TikTok user @zeinab.ym claimed that NYU didn’t deliver her first meal of the day until about 12:30 p.m., while user @nautica.n claimed NYU didn’t provide any food until 6 p.m., when they dropped off three meals: one was cereal with no milk, and another a plastic container of some sort of watermelon salad.

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Meanwhile, NYU freshman Tara Shear shared on the platform that she received a granola bar, a cookie, and one lemon for dinner. She told the outlet she’s been quarantining for a few days on campus and the food she and her peers have gotten has “barely been sufficient.”

She went on to say that her dinners have also been arriving hours late, telling the publication:

“I’ve been having granola bars for meals and the occasional fruit juice cup. Many of us are having meals skipped or delivered super late. It’s not physically healthy to finally eat close to 10–11 p.m., but we spend so many hours waiting for this little box of snacks.”

So unacceptable!

The first-year student said the school sent out a form asking for students’ dietary restrictions, but having been following students’ requests. Shear, for example, is not vegan but has been receiving several food boxes marked “vegan.” She added:

“I know some vegan students who have gotten steak salads.”

Meanwhile, students at the University of Georgia say they’re paying the full semester’s meal plan and are going to cafeterias for their food — but portion sizes are smaller and the food quality has not been up to par.


@………….lolz##godawgsbaby ##uga♬ original sound – ppcoca1ne

Sophomore Will O’Bannon told BuzzFeed News the school cafeterias now only have a few options, and the school has completely removed kosher options! He shared:

“The process is somewhat efficient. However the portion sizes are smaller and they’ve removed a lot of options. Sometimes I get more food for myself depending on if I want to stand in that long line later in the day and face the potential risk of being exposed to COVID.”

A spokesperson for the school told BuzzFeed News that they “are listening to [students’] feedback” and have implemented some changes.

We get its an unprecedented time here, but c’mon, people — students need their brain food!

[Image via TikTok]

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