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David Eason Showed Up To Court To Argue CPS Case With A Gun On His Dashboard...

David Eason under investigation for Killing Jenelle Evans' dog

Here’s how you know you really can’t get out of your own way: when you’re David Eason, and you show up to court ready to fight a judge’s order that has removed your own children from your home… with a gun out in plain sight on the dashboard of your car.
That appears to be exactly what happened on Thursday! No, seriously! Eason and former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans showed up to the courthouse in Columbus County, North Carolina to fight a judge’s order that three young kids be removed at least temporarily from their home after Eason brutally killed Jenelle’s French bulldogNugget, in front of their two-year-old daughter Ensley.
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As we’ve been reporting, Child Protective Services has finally acted to remove three children, including Ensley, at least temporarily from the Evans/Eason home. On Thursday, the couple went to court to fight that order and hopefully get their children back — but they lost, at least for the time being, and they will not get their kids back again for at least the foreseeable future.
Well, after being denied by the judge, Evans and Eason left court and walked to their car to get in and drive home… and that’s when paparazzi members who had been following them spotted something VERY interesting just openly sitting out on the car’s dashboard: a gun!
You can see pics of the apparent firearm HERE, but it looks pretty damn clear… that absolutely appears to be a gun, now, doesn’t it??
Look… we know that many North Carolinians may feel differently about gun laws and openly carrying firearms than maybe most people in Los Angeles, or New York City, and we know David is really, really into guns himself, so it’d make sense that he probably has them around whenever possible, which, ugh, whatever. We’re not arguing about gun laws right now. We’ll just agree to disagree about that.
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Our point is more like this: if you’re going into court to try to convince CPS that you’re worthy of getting your kids back after a violent gun-related act in your home was the cause for removing them in the first place, maybe it’s not so wise to just leave a gun out in the open in your car where anybody — including a child — could conceivably get to it????
Just sayin’!!!! It’s not a great look for David or Jenelle!! But what do U think, Perezcious readers?!
Sound OFF about Jenelle and David — and the whirlwind of sh*t that forever seems to be enveloping them — in the comments (below)!!!
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