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David Eason Threatens To Air Jenelle Evans' 'Dirty Laundry' Amid Separation!

David Eason Threatens To Air Jenelle Evans' 'Dirty Laundry' Amid Separation!

Not David Eason threatening to dish dirt on his estranged wife!!

As we’ve reported, Jenelle Evans has officially filed separation docs and begun the process of splitting from David. But while the Teen Mom 2 alum is fully focused on the custody status of their 7-year-old daughter Ensley and the well-being of her other kids Kaiser and Jace, David is… not doing that. He’s on social media slamming his ex!

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On Tuesday, the 35-year-old took to his Facebook account to post — and quickly delete — a concerning message about Jenelle’s so-called “dirty laundry.” As you can see (below), he wrote:

“Yall want to see more of Jenelles dirty laundry? It’s all about to be aired out! But WARNING she hasn’t done laundry in 7 months or more!”

David Eason Threatens To Air Jenelle Evans' 'Dirty Laundry' Amid Separation!
/ (c) David Eason/Facebook

Like we said, that post was deleted REALLY quickly. But that didn’t stop Teen Mom-focused social media accounts from picking it up and running with it! Instagram commenters reacting to the post on Tuesday night slammed David for his explicit threat to air out Jenelle’s personal dramas as their separation runs its course, as you can see (below):

“His chronically unemployed ass can go F himself in a broken down boat.”

“Whew child this is getting too messy”

“Well since he refuse to work why didn’t he do laundry”

“It literally never ends with them. Exhausting af”

“For a long time I thought he has something on her and that’s why she went back the first time and she continued to stay…”

“This was bound to happen, it’s about to get ugly.”

“David is going to make Jenelle’s life a living hell for leaving”

“God I can’t stand this man but I do want the tea”

“This man does everything but get a job”

“Pull up on the handlebar please, the roller coaster is about to take off.”

“Stop there is no need for this. Don’t [dis]respect the mother of your children”

“Oh lord Jesus put ya sandals on and get down here, Quick!”

OK, we laughed out loud at that last one. Too funny! As for the rest, though, UGH! So he’s just going to share all of Jenelle’s secrets because she finally chose to walk away after years of bull s**t including a horrifically slaughtered dog and an allegedly abused minor child?! F**k THAT!

You can see the IG chatter about the screenshot HERE. Reactions??

[Image via MTV/YouTube/Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

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