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Funeral Attendees Shocked As Dead Woman Gets Up & Knocks On Her Own Coffin!

Funeral Attendees Shocked As Dead Woman Gets Up & Knocks On Her Own Coffin!

A woman in Peru who was presumed to be dead apparently rose from her coffin in the middle of her own funeral — in front of stunned family, friends, and loved ones!! JUST IMAGINE!!

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was pronounced dead late last month after a reported car crash near the city of Lambayeque, Peru, according to media reports from the South American nation. The woman was thought to be killed along with her brother-in-law, and three of her nephews also reportedly suffered “serious injuries” following the accident on Chiclayo-Picsi Road in the region.

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After the crash, the woman was apparently pronounced dead by hospital workers after she’d been rushed there for aid. Then, last Tuesday, she was placed into a coffin for her funeral.

As the service began, according to media reports, family members were shocked to hear a noise inside the coffin after they had lifted it up to transport it to her final resting place. Alarmed, the mourners quickly lowered the casket to the ground and opened the lid. Inside, per The Sun, they allegedly discovered Rosa lying there looking back at them.


Not expecting to see Rosa reportedly still alive after she’d been pronounced dead by emergency first responders, the family was understandably shocked. Cemetery caretaker Juan Segundo Cajo told local media outlets about the situation:

“She opened her eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police.”


Thinking quickly, family members picked up the coffin and rushed it to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in the city of Lambayeque. Medics at the hospital immediately placed Rosa on life support, reportedly confirming that, yes, the woman was still alive at the time of her attempted burial. Doctors now believe she may have fallen into a coma after the initial accident, leading them to erroneously think she’d passed.

Sadly, the injuries she’d sustained in the original car wreck were severe, and several hours after her apparent resurrection, she died. Officials at the hospital then pronounced her dead for the second time in a few days.

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Now, her relatives are up in arms about the entire situation. An unnamed relative identified as Rosa’s aunt spoke to local Peruvian media outlets, according to The Sun, saying:

“We want to know why my niece reacted yesterday, when we were taking her to be buried. We have the videos in which she pushes and touches the coffin.”

Very unsettling… and very unexpected.

The outlet claims that local police are now investigating the entire incident.

We send our condolences to Rosa’s family, friends, and loved ones as they go through the grieving process in this disjointed, heartbreaking way.

So sad…

[Image via HBO/YouTube]

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