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Um... Diddy Was On Nickelodeon Telling Kids To Put A Toy Down Someone's Pants? Watch The Resurfaced Vid!

Um... Diddy Was On Nickelodeon Telling Kids To Put A Toy Down Someone's Pants? Watch The Resurfaced Vid!

Well, this sure doesn’t look good for Sean “Diddy” Combs amid all the shocking new developments that have come out this week.

On Wednesday over on X (Twitter), an old video resurfaced of the embattled rapper-slash-music mogul appearing in a 2002 episode of All That. As you likely know, All That was an all-kid sketch comedy series that ran for ten seasons on Nickelodeon beginning in 1994. And, yes, it was created by none other than Dan Schneider.

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Diddy’s turn on the series occurred in 2002. In his guest starring spot, two child actors are seen frantically trying to get their co-star Shane Lyons to wake up during a humorous skit. After doing whatever they could to rouse the boy, and seeing no success, they run into another room and ask Diddy what he would do. He gives them a toy helicopter, and tells them to put it down his pants:

“Tell you what, take this toy helicopter, and put it down his pants.”


The boys do as they are told, but then nothing happens. So, they run back to Diddy — and that’s when he gives them the remote control to turn on the helicopter’s blades and really wake up Shane. And that does the trick! The blades start moving, the child actor wakes up and starts screaming, and hilarity ensues. Or something.

But seriously?? A toy helicopter stuffed down a little kid’s pants?! In light of all the accusations that have come out against Diddy recently — and the feds raiding his homes in both Beverly Hills and Miami amid an alleged sex trafficking investigation — this does NOT look good. You can see the resurfaced 22-year-old clip for yourself (below):


And we weren’t the only ones who thought so. Here are just a few of the many reactions flooding in over on X after that resurfaced vid started making the rounds once again:

“Nah thats actually crazy”

“Wth? This was a show for kids. These people are so repulsive.”

“yea this freaky as hell lock everyone up”

“Bro turned Diddy into the man he is today”

“Diddy and Dan are an extremely nasty and diabolical duo and i am looking forward to them being cellmates”

Yeesh. And as that last comment references, the fact that this sitch involves both Diddy and Dan Schneider is actually crazy. As y’all no doubt know, Schneider himself has come under major fire recently amid the release of the jaw-dropping Quiet On Set docuseries. Honestly, this whole thing is so f**king unsettling!!!

[Image via Revolt TV/YouTube/YouTube]

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