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Journalist Touré Claims Family Member Interning For Diddy Was Fired For Refusing To 'Stay The Night With' The Rapper!

Diddy Accused Of Firing Former Intern After He Refused To ‘Stay The Night With’ The Rapper!

A new shocking accusation has been made against Sean “Diddy” Combs.

As you know, the 54-year-old rapper has been in some serious hot water over the past few months. It all started when his ex-girlfriend Cassie sued him for allegedly abusing, raping, and sex trafficking her throughout their decade-long relationship. She then very quickly settled the lawsuit. Since that, more people have come forward to accuse him of trafficking and abuse. The Department of Homeland Security even raided his homes in Beverly Hills and Miami earlier this week amid an alleged sex trafficking investigation — which Diddy has since called a “witch hunt.” However, the accusations against him keep coming. And now, the latest is from journalist Touré.

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He sat down with Joy Reid at MSNBC on Tuesday night to discuss the latest development in Diddy’s legal troubles. And it turned out all of this hit too close to home for the 53-year-old writer. Touré explained how he asked the music mogul to hire one of his family members as an intern over a decade ago. Diddy agreed. However, a couple of months later, the family member suddenly left the internship. When asked about what happened, he refused to say a word at first. Touré said:

“I was personally disturbed many years ago. I know this man well enough to call him and say, ‘Hey, I need a favor.’ This might’ve been 10 or 12 years ago that I called him and said, ‘Hey, I have a family member who I want you to hire them as an intern.’ I have never talked about this publicly, and he said yes. They were flying around, one of the interns, Atlanta, Miami, whatever, on the jet, in the house, and then the internship stopped abruptly like three or four months into it, and I spoke to my family member like what happened, and they wouldn’t say. And I’m like, why did it end? They wouldn’t say.”

The truth eventually came out — and it is disturbing. Years later, the former intern revealed he allegedly got fired for turning down Diddy when he demanded he spend the night with him. Touré shared:

“And years later, they finally came out — and this is a male — and said that, Puff had said, ‘Come home, stay the night with me or the internship is over.’ And they said, ‘Absolutely not.’ He said, ‘Absolutely not.’ And the internship ended. But from there I was like, oh, like, this is how it goes, okay. So to hear that things went even further with potentially allegedly many other people… We feel like we’ve seen this coming.”

So, so awful. No one should ever be treated like this. Watch the interview (below):


At this time, Diddy has not addressed the claim from Touré. Reactions? Sound OFF in the comments.

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