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Cassie Cooperating With Feds In Diddy Case!

Cassie IS Cooperating With Feds In Diddy Case!

This Cassie business might not be quite as settled as Diddy thought.

We all know the last couple weeks have been harrowing for the embattled rapper. Accusation after accusation pouring in as Homeland Security Investigations busted down the doors of both his Beverly Hills AND Miami residences to look for evidence… So wild. But how did they get a judge to sign off on that, anyway? Well, it sounds like his ex-girlfriend possibly played a key part.

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According to TMZ, Cassie has not only been in contact with the feds amid their investigation of the Bad Boy for Life rapper, she’s fully cooperating! A source told the news org on Wednesday that she’s been working alongside them for WEEKS — since even before HSI raided Diddy’s mansions. So, could it be that her cooperation was the probable cause the feds needed??

A source told NBC News last month that the feds interviewed four witnesses with accusations against Diddy — three women and one man. So we bet Cassie was one of ‘em. It’s a good guess that RodneyLil RodJones, who filed a suit of his own against Diddy in February, could be another. It’s a good thing since some celebs are apparently too scared to speak out! Now her info has led to an investigation reportedly looking into sex trafficking, drugs, guns, and maybe more!

It’s not clear exactly what sort of information she’s been revealing, but it’s probably everything she laid out in her bombshell lawsuit against Diddy back in November. At the time, she claimed he raped her, forced her to have sex with various male sex workers, drugged her, beat her, and more. Diddy settled the suit within 24 hours of her filing it — much to the dismay of some. But clearly, Cassie wasn’t satisfied going to just let it go!

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[Images via Vogue & ABC/YouTube]

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Apr 03, 2024 15:39pm PDT

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