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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Old Network A&E 'Immediately Passed' On Brian Laundrie Hunt Show

Dog The Bounty Hunter Brian Laundrie Hunt Reality TV Show Network

Will Dog The Bounty Hunter catch Brian Laundrie? Or will he just end up collaring another TV show?

We told you last week about how the manhunter was using the search for Gabby Petito‘s boyfriend, the most famous fugitive in the country at the moment, to try to drum up interest in a new reality show. It makes sense. He hasn’t had this many headlines in over a decade! Well, not ones that didn’t have to censor racial epithets anyway.

Hey, you can’t blame the man for trying to reclaim what he used to be famous for before all the scandal — so long as he’s also serious about catching Laundrie and maybe bringing some sense of closure to the family of the victim.

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So far it seems like he’s legitimately searching. It was his work that led to the Laundrie family’s lawyer being forced to admit they had taken Brian camping in the days immediately following his return without Gabby.

But how is the hunt for a new show going?

Not well when it comes to his old home. According to a report from TheWrap, Duane “Dog” Chapman brought the idea for a reality show to A&E, the cable network which originally aired Dog The Bounty Hunter for nine seasons. This show would not just be playing the hits — it would be a weekly chronicle of his hunt for Brian.

Wait, the hunt for Brian is the show?? That seems like a bit of a conflict of interest with the desire to get this search finished as soon as possible, doesn’t it?

In any case A&E gave him a hard NO faster than you can say “swampland.” According to the outlet, the network “immediately passed” on the premise. Huh. Is it that they didn’t want to look like they were sensationalizing such a disturbing live case? Or, more likely, was it that their relationship with Dog was dead for good??

Of course, A&E aren’t the only game in town looking for true crime TV. According to a source talking to TMZ, multiple networks have contacted the mulleted manhunter over the past few days about doing a show. Their sources also say the only filming that has been done so far is by Dog’s new bride Francie Frane… Huh…


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For what it’s worth, Dog himself told the outlet he absolutely did NOT intend to get a new TV show when he first joined the search for Brian. He said he happened to be close by celebrating his honeymoon and felt compelled to help “because of my unique skill set and the fact I was only an hour away from where he was last seen.”

Do YOU think Dog will get a new reality show because of his work on the search? Does he deserve one? Would YOU watch??

[Image via A&E/YouTube/Gabby Petito/Instagram.]

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