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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Blames Sisters' 'Dangerous & Evil' Boyfriends For Family Feud!

Dog the Bounty Hunter Daughter Lyssa Sister Feud

Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s daughter is breaking her silence about the ongoing drama facing her reality TV family — and she’s not holding back one bit!

Lyssa Chapman (above, center) took to Twitter this week to open up about the rift that has come between two of her sisters, Bonnie and Cecily (both above, right), and her famous crime-fighting father.

As you’ll recall, the sisters skipped out on Dog’s recent wedding amid reports of major family problems. Word came out soon after that about Dog’s past racist and homophobic remarks, as well as several other controversial family issues.

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Now Baby Lyssa is opening up about the rift, but to hear her tell it the problem isn’t those very legitimate concerns her sisters share, it’s actually being caused by… other people?!

Blaming unnamed “dangerous and evil” people for allegedly goading her sisters into the family feud, Dog’s daughter wrote to her followers:

“Sooo you guys are seeing a lot of family drama today. If you have a family you know that it’s dirty, messy, and 3 sided. Some things are truths are some are lies. Well, here is my family who’s currently being ripped apart by a dangerous and evil duo but it not my sisters it’s the people they LIVE with.”

The people they live with? So… their boyfriends?

Last we heard, Bonnie has been dating a guy named Diego for over three years; she posted about him back in April in a since-deleted IG. Cecily has been dating Matty Smith for about five years now.

Hmm. Lyssa continued:

“So I’m not surprised they are attacking me and my dad with lies and fake photos. BUT these are my family. They try to make me so angry that I fight back, trying to hurt my baby sisters publicly. You caught me slipping for a minute but I gathered my emotions and turned that anger into love and direct my attention to the real enemy.”


And she doubled down on that assertion in a third tweet, again explaining it’s the people who Cecily and Bonnie live with who are apparently egging on the issues:

“It’s not Cecily or Bonnie, it’s the people they are living with and being conned by. I know we will be family again and no matter what I love you my sisters.”


Here are all of Baby Lyssa’s tweets on the matter:

Sounds unsettling, to say the least…

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Of course, it’s not just the reported issue with those two daughters that’s worth following. As you will recall, Dog (rightfully) came under fire recently for allegedly using disturbing racist slurs in his past.

Speaking to ET at the time, he tried to downplay that controversy like this (below):

“I have never been a racist. I’m 33.5 percent Apache. But because of over 15 years ago, I have an Achilles’ heel because I used the wrong word. I thought I had a pass in the black tribe to use it, kind of like Eminem. I had just gotten out of prison in 1979 after spending time, 18 months in Texas, and it was probably three-fourths from the black tribe, so that was a word that we used back and forth, as maybe a compliment.”

Hmmm… not sure about that excuse… Is Lyssa saying her sisters couldn’t form their own opinions about that and other problematic behavior without being coached by the men in their lives? If so, ick.

BTW, Lyssa posted this to her Instagram Stories on Thursday evening, hours after her Twitter messages about her family fallout:

Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter Lyssa Chapman is speaking out about their family drama!
“I have this theory: if you forgive someone, they can’t hurt you any more.” / (c) Lyssa Chapman/Instagram


Maybe a not-so-subtle reference to the problems with her sisters??

What do U make of Lyssa’s comments about those people who are supposedly influencing her sisters?? Will the Chapman family drama die down any time soon, or not?

Sound OFF with your take on the matter down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Duane Chapman/Lyssa Chapman/Bonnie Chapman/Cecily Chapman/Instagram]

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