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Doja Cat Called Out Online For Mocking Amber Heard's Emotional Testimony From Johnny Depp Defamation Trial!

Doja Cat Called Out Online For Mocking Amber Heard's Emotional Testimony From Johnny Depp Defamation Trial!

Doja Cat has had an… interesting…. last few days.

As we reported earlier this week, the 26-year-old singer drew lots of controversial attention after calling out Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp for revealing her direct messages about getting with his co-star Joseph Quinn. And now, days later, she apparently decided it’d be a good idea to mock some of Amber Heard‘s infamous testimony from the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

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Throughout the highly-publicized court proceedings, which ended last month, Amber recounted years of alleged abuse inflicted by her ex-husband. One of the many viral clips from the Aquaman star’s testimony involved Heard describing a time her dog stopped on a bee. She had mentioned that event as an aside while testifying on the stand about Depp allegedly searching invasively inside her vagina for drugs while the pair was together.

The clip was quickly spliced up and mishmashed in videos posted to social media, and Amber’s (edited) words about her dog stepping on a bee were memed and shared all over the internet. And now, weeks later, Doja Cat apparently felt it was the right time to get in on the act, too?!

The singer, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, posted a now-deleted video to TikTok , where she joked about how her own puppy had recently stepped on a bee. In the since-scrapped clip, Doja begins by captioning it with a written spoof:

“I, as a dog owner, can now finally say it with sincerity….”

And as the video kicks off, the singer can be heard saying:

“It’s honestly hella sad because like, she’s a puppy, my dog. And I’ve had her for like a week and a half, maybe two weeks now. And she like, was just running around in the grass, and she stepped on a bee.”

As she winds up for the testimony-adjacent moment, Doja pans the camera a bit and holds up her other hand. She repeatedly says the line Amber used on the stand, while also mocking the wincing and head-cocking motion that was memed across social media during the trial in June:

“And y’all know what time it is. Y’all know what f**king time it is… My dog stepped on a bee! She stepped on a bee! My dog stepped on a f**king bee!”

Here is a re-upload of Doja’s deleted video (below):

For what it’s worth, a separate previously-recorded Instagram Live video from the singer appears to confirm that her dog actually did step on a bee at some point:

So maybe the event was true (for Doja now, and for Amber years ago). And yet for some reason, the Need To Know singer decided this would be a good time to poke fun at another woman. And an alleged sexual assault survivor, no less?! Hmm… Social media users weren’t feeling it, though. Like, at ALL.

In reaction to Doja’s mocking clip, lots of people took to Twitter and other social media channels to voice their unease with the sarcastic and cold reference:

“Doja Cat mocking Amber Heard isn’t funny and it never was when y’all did it months ago too.”

“the fact that she has one of the biggest platforms on tik tok and it’s being used to further mock and humiliate amber heard. @DojaCat educate yourself and delete”

“The internet is very unserious. Turning Amber Heard’s testimony into a TikTok sound is not only cruel but redundant as well.”

“Doja cat making fun of Amber heard’s SA testimony… she’s really like an incel it’s crazy”

“Idc which side you are on, Doja Cat making fun of Amber Heard is disgusting, and if you don’t see that you’re a horrible person.”

“doja cat called a 17 year old boy socially unaware for sharing unserious dms but goes ahead and makes fun of amber heard’s sexual assault story. can’t believe i defended her”

“Not a huge fan of Doja cat but why are people suddenly outraged she mimicked Amber Heard’s ‘I stepped on a bee’ when thousand were doing the same months ago.”


Like we mentioned, Doja deleted the initial video, so maybe she thought better of it and wanted to back off, or something? Still, what an act… Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Is it fair for the performer to be dragged over this?

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Law & Crime Network/YouTube]

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