Dolly Parton Gets Into A Car Accident! Learn More HERE!

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Oh noes!

After having just told Miley Cyrus that she had Miley’s “Wrecking Balls right here” on The Queen Latifah Show, Dolly Parton gave us a scare yesterday when she let all of Twitter know that she almost wre-e-ecked her car:

We hope she had Triple Ds A, at least! Seriously, she’s some precious cargo!

She should totally get a bumper sticker that says “Dolly On Board” so motorists can know to slow down!

We’re just happy she’s okay, and that the “fender bender” only left her a little “sore,” which sounds kinda naughty now that we think of it!

Since laughter is the best medicine, we hope Dolly can pardon her slight pain with some chuckles!

Get better gurl! We will always love you!

Oct 22, 2013 5:15pm PST

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