‘Great Businessman’ Donald Trump Is Failing To Raise Funds For His Campaign

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This is historically bad.

Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, having beat out the rest of the field, but his campaign for POTUS isn’t going as well as it seems…

That’s because thousands of wealthy Republican campaign donors — people who have given LOTS of money to previous GOP candidates for President like Mitt Romney — are withholding their money from the controversial candidate.

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For one, USA TODAY found that just 29 people who contributed to a campaign supporting Romney last election cycle — out of 1,400 total contributors — have given money to Trump this time around. That’s less than 2% of previous donors reaching out to the current GOP candidate, which… YIKES!!

We already know how big Trump’s money problems are during this campaign, but if he can’t get Republican donors and wealthy backers to help him along the trail, he is in big trouble.

The way Trump tells it, he claims he’s running a successful campaign on a shoestring budget and he’ll do the same with the government, but actual campaign experts just don’t see it the same way.

Charles Spies, a Republican lawyer who has long worked for political action committee to raise funds for GOP candidates, went all in on The Donald to USA TODAY about the terrible fundraising situation:

“It’s fundraising malpractice to have become the nominee on May 3 and not have a low-dollar solicitation go out immediately and do call days and bundling events with high-dollar donors. They lost a month that they could not afford to lose.”

Compared to Romney, in fact, Trump has come away REALLY bad.

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Just look at USA TODAY‘s graphic reflecting funds raised by this point in the last two elections:

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Of course, things may seem bad now, but at the end of the day it’s likely that GOP donors get behind Trump if only because he’s the GOP candidate.

Anthony Scaramucci, a New York financier and campaign contributor who is helping The Donald, said of the short-term future in Trump’s bank accounts:

“There’s no shortage of demand for people who want to give Trump money. He is going to raise enough money. It may not be the billion and a half dollars that Mrs. Clinton will end up with but it will be enough for him to compete. We’ve seen what he can do with less money.”

That’s true, and Trump did beat 16 Republican primary candidates with less money, but primary season and the general election against Hillary Clinton are very different things.

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Ironically, a huge roadblock from Trump being able to fundraise comes from none other than Jeb Bush!

Bush locked up nearly all the major Republican donors early in the election season because of his well-connected family, but after Trump hammered him HARD on the campaign trail, he had to drop out.

Now, those donors who had been committed to Bush are finding it difficult to pivot over to the man who was SO mean to Jeb just a few months ago! Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Donald!!

Regardless, Trump is going to have a MASSIVE money disadvantage compared to Clinton this fall.

Will it matter in the election?! Time will tell on that… but one thing is for sure — if he’s such a good businessman, shouldn’t it be easier for The Donald to, ya know, make a little more money for this thing?!

[Image via WENN/USA TODAY.]

Jun 27, 2016 1:44pm PST

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