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Hailey Bieber Was A GENIUS At Hiding Her Pregnancy! Look!

Hailey Bieber Was A GENIUS At Hiding Her Pregnancy! Look!

Celebs are about to run to Hailey Bieber for lessons on how to hide a pregnancy for months! She’s that much of a mastermind at it!

Hailey and Justin Bieber shocked the world on Thursday when they announced they are expecting their first child together. And what’s more shocking? The couple waited over SIX MONTHS before telling everyone! She’s reportedly that far along in her pregnancy. A source told People they waited to publicly confirm the news to “enjoy” this time for as long as possible:

“They have both been very emotional about it. They feel so blessed. They’ve also felt very protective of the baby from the moment they found out. They shared with family and close friends early on. It was very important for them to keep it quiet and just enjoy [it] for as long as possible before they publicly confirmed.”

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And from baggy clothes to carefully angled pictures, she tried her best to keep her pregnancy under wraps! Of course, there were some suspicions from social media users along the way. However, the Rhode Skin founder did what she could to throw people off the scent! Let’s break it down!

For starters, we need to talk about her style over the past few months! Hailey’s stepped out in a lot of oversized clothes lately. She also rarely went out without a jacket these past few months. Of course, we now know Hailey was trying to conceal her stomach! Some examples of these baggy ensembles? Last week, she posted this picture:

Recently, Hailey and Justin were seen grabbing lunch at a Brazilian food truck. Videos captured of the pair showed her wearing a super flowy, strappy white dress. Watch (below):

She’s in her second trimester by that point. So the fact that no one caught on to her pregnancy at that time? WOW! And there’s more clever tactics from Hailey…

And typically, the 27-year-old model would show off some skin and be all glammed up at Coachella. However, she opted for a more casual and covered-up look this year, wearing an oversized leather jacket and a short-sleeve green tee. That alone most likely would raise alarm bells for fans and cause pregnancy speculation. However, Hailey seemed to prevent the chatter when she included a picture of a joint stored in her Rhode lip gloss phone case in the Coachella outfit roundup post. Check it out (below):

Although Hailey wore a lot of oversized clothing, she appeared to show the right amount of skin on Instagram to throw folks off! For instance, she wore a massive black blazer with dramatic shoulder pads last month. But she made sure to show a strip of her bare stomach — though kept most of it concealed. Swipe to look (below):

Back in March, she posted a selfie of herself lying down in her bed while wearing white linen trousers with a white cropped top. The Drop the Mic host held out pants, seemingly to hide her baby bump. Look (below):

That same month, she also posted pictures from a tropical vacation of herself in a red bikini – and her stomach was on full display! You couldn’t tell at all what she was expecting at the time! Well, most people couldn’t. Some fans believed her facial features looked different and speculated it was due to pregnancy:

“Even her face looks a bit different, there’s no way she’s not pregnant.”

Hailey must have caught on to the talk because she then posted a mirror selfie rocking thin white pants pulled down and her top rolled up. Her tummy was exposed once again. See (below):

Hailey Bieber Was A GENIUS At Hiding Her Pregnancy! Look!
(c) Hailey Bieber/Instagram

She’s outsmarting youuu! LOLz! When Hailey wasn’t showing her whole body? She made sure to her other pictures were taken from the waist up so no one saw her stomach:

We have to applaud Hailey. She really did a solid job at hiding her pregnancy for as long as possible! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Hailey Bieber/Instagram, Justin Bieber/YouTube]

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