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Donald Trump Jr. Accused Of Plagiarizing His RNC Speech Too -- But Did He Actually Pull A Melania Trump?

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The Trump family’s report card isn’t looking so good right now!
First, Melania Trump got major heat following the Republican National Convention on Monday after viewers realized large chucks of her speech were lifted from Michelle Obama‘s 2008 address to the Democratic convention.
But it looks like the good old “copy and paste” speech-writing tactic is used by the whole family. Right after Donald Trump‘s team tried to put out Melania’s fire, Trump’s son was called out for plagiarizing a part of his speech at the second night of the RNC!
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First flagged by The Daily Show‘s Twitter account, Donald Trump Jr. was accused of plagiarizing a passage on education reform in his speech from a May article in the American Conservative.
Trevor Noah and Co. shared a side-by-side of the lifted passage on Tuesday:

Just like his stepmother, it’s obvious Lil’ Trump isn’t using his own words — but instead, the words of author F.H. Buckley, a law professor at George Mason University.
But before you use the hashtag #FamousDonaldTrumpJrQuotes, it looks like this one may be a plagiarism false alarm.
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Apparently, Buckley was one of the speechwriters who penned Trump Jr.’s speech, and used some of his past material. He told Vox:

“I was a principal speechwriter for the speech. So it’s not an issue.”

Well, that changes things.
Sure, plagiarizing one’s self isn’t exactly award-winning speechwriting, but it’s not as unethical as, say, lifting major chunks of your speech from an iconic one by the First Lady of the United States.
What did YOU think about Melania and Trump Jr.’s speeches?
[Image via Fox News.]

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