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Melania Trump Almost Divorced Donald Over Cheating Allegations & His Response Was Sociopathic: REPORT

Donald Trump shrugged at Melania leaving him

Donald Trump doesn’t want Melania Trump to think she’s irreplaceable!

According to the President’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s new book, Disloyal, the Commando in Chief barely batted an eye about his wife’s reaction to his alleged affairs — and acted as though his third marriage was “just another deal.”

In the tell-all, Cohen wrote that in 2007, makeup artist Jill Harth’s ex-husband told the National Enquirer that she was harassed and sexually assaulted by Trump in 1993. Cohen made the story go away, but it re-emerged during his client’s presidential run — which caused Trump’s fixer to be tasked with going to Melania and lying to her about the story.

Trump would have gone and lied to her face himself, but you know… bone spurs.

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Cohen recalled:

“Each of us was aware of the deception but following an unwritten rule that we wouldn’t acknowledge that reality. All the while I could tell she knew I was lying. But she knew. She knew everything, but she didn’t do what most wives would do and insist on the whole story.”

Why would Melania be okay with ignoring such behavior? Because, according to Cohen, Trump doesn’t actually care about their relationship — and FLOTUS knows it!

The attorney mused in his book:

“If [Trump] ever got caught cheating and Melania threatened to leave him he wouldn’t be upset or hurt at the loss, and I suspect she knew it. The relationship was just another deal, plain and simple.”

That’s his read of the situation. What did Trump actually say? Well…

“‘I can always get another wife’, Trump told me. ‘That’s no problem for me, if she wants to go, so be it.'”

Wow. Sounds like Donny should have been the one wearing that infamous “I Don’t Really Care, Do U?” jacket!

Cohen remembered dealing with a similar scandal when the Stormy Daniels allegations first came up on Trump’s radar way back in 2011. He remembered a conversation with him when the future POTUS said:

“‘I’m sure Melania isn’t going to take this well. Don’t forget I’m married to an Eastern European woman. They don’t play around when it comes to this kind of stuff.'”

But again, Trump didn’t seem to care about Mel’s potential reaction rather than all the potential cheating he could have done with the adult film star had she not threatened to come forward about their alleged affair.

Cohen claimed that once they had silenced Daniels, Trump longingly looked at a picture of her and lamented about how The Apprentice producers wouldn’t invite her on as a guest. Trump allegedly told Cohen:

“Man, she would have been great for ratings. And great for me.”

Cohen countered:

“Not if Melania found out.”

That didn’t stop the real estate mogul from acting inappropriately toward nearly every woman he came into contact with, according to the author.

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Cohen wrote how Donald would “corner pretty women in his office and forcibly kiss them as they recoiled,” and would “grab women by the cheeks and pull them towards him and kiss them plum on their lips.”

TBH, they got off easy if he only grabbed cheeks…

Cohen explained:

“[Trump’s] attitudes came from a different era, more like the Rat Pack of the 1950s and he never took seriously the need to respect women.”

When the Stormy affair made headlines years later, Cohen claimed he got a phone call from the president — and Melania was put on the line:

“Melania didn’t sound pleased to be on the phone. I knew Mrs Trump well and I could tell instantly from the tone of voice that she had been compelled to participate in the call. … As I droned on about the Daniels affair, I was interrupted by the First Lady. ‘I know all of this’, she said curtly. I stopped talking, shaking my head.”

He continued:

“It was evident to me she didn’t believe the story or want anything further to do with the transparent lies the President was childishly attempting to tell her via me. As usual with the Trumps when this kind of subject came up the First Lady changed the subject.”

Sounds like the only way to survive having Donny as a husband!

To promote Disloyal, which is out today, Cohen went on NBC’s Today show and shared more juicy tidbits from the book. Ch-ch-check out a clip (below) to hear more anecdotes about his time working for the “master manipulator.”

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?

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