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Scott Baio Tells Liberals Scared Of Donald Trump To 'Grow Up'... Because He Was Just As Afraid Of President Obama!

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Joanie may love Chachi… but that’s about where the pleasantries end.
Scott Baio took a break from being irrelevant in 2016 when he showed his true colors as a vocal Donald Trump supporter at the Republican National Convention.
Well, as if effectively calling Hillary Clinton a c*nt wasn’t bad enough… the noticeably less-in-charge of his wits Charles is doubling down on his bigotry for 2017 — his new agenda: Racism AND Ageism!
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During an interview with Variety on Tuesday, Scott practically became a parody of himself when delivering the following advice to Liberals afraid of Tyrant Trump, saying:

“Grow up. I was nervous for eight years with Obama. I had to suck it up and deal with it. Do the same, and maybe your country will be a better place than it was.”

The difference is minorities are afraid of losing our rights and/or lives, Scott… you were just afraid of having to look at a black person in power.
Oh, but it’s not even just minorities the 56-year-old unemployed actor is weary of — he’s also not that fond of Millennials, adding:

“These young people out there, I hope they learn from Trump that hard work gets you what you want and what you need. It’s not about going to safe spaces and wearing a safety pin and hugging a puppy. The world is going to kick your ass when you get out of school, and you better be ready for it.”

Again: It’s only hateful people like you who are making the world worse for everyone!
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But just in case you thought Baio was making even a resemblance of sense, he accidentally referenced Donald’s “Grab them by the p*ssy” scandal, concluding:

He’s just a guy. He grabs you. Holds you. He puts his arm around you. Talks like people talk. It’s like talking to a guy at a restaurant or a bar or the cigar store I go to.”

Yeah… that’s kind of exactly what we’re afraid of, Scott. The fact that he grabs you
What do U think of Scott Baio’s astoundingly ignorant advice??
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