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Donna Kelce Reveals Fascinating Similarities Between Travis & Taylor Swift -- And If Their Love Is Endgame!!

Donna Kelce Reveals Similarities Between Travis & Taylor Swift -- And Reveals If Their Love Is Endgame!

Donna Kelce is spilling the tea about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s romance!

Appearing on The Martha Stewart Podcast on Wednesday, the famous momma revealed what makes her NFL son’s romance with the pop star work so well! She shared:

“They’re both friendly. They’re both generous. They’re both loving. They’re both caring individuals.”

Aw! All great qualities! And a mom would say that about her son, right? LOLz!!

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As for whether or not they have a long-term future? Donna kept pretty coy on that, simply saying:

“You never know. Time will tell.”

That’s not a no!!

But if TayTay ever does become part of the Kelce family for good, she’s got some high standards to live up to! Donna went on to gush about her eldest Jason Kelce‘s wife Kylie, saying:

“[Jason] got so lucky. She is amazing. Kylie is just one of a kind. I can’t say enough things about her. She holds the house together and she is an amazing woman.”

So sweet! And if the All Too Well singer wants a leg up in the significant other department, she can make sure her beau is prepared for Mother’s Day this year — cause that’s a major pitfall for both on Donna’s pro athlete sons. The proud 71-year-old momma revealed:

“They always remember my birthday, and they’re very generous at giving me gifts and things like that, trips and what have you, and taking care of Mom. I don’t have anything that I can complain about.”

She continued:

“It’s just that that’s one of those days that’s in the middle of May, they’re on their off-season, they’re traveling, they’re at the Derby, they’re doing things and on vacation and enjoying themselves. I think it slips their mind and they’re like, ‘Oh, Jesus, Mother’s Day, I better text my mom.'”

LOLz! Very relatable!

Elsewhere, Donna also opened up about whether or not the tight end might explore reality TV again. The Catching Kelce star’s been all over the media during his high-profile romance and he has lots of plans to star on the small screen again, but don’t expect to see his relationship unfold in front of cameras — intentionally, at least. She shared:

“I don’t think either one of them [Travis or Jason] wants to do reality TV. Travis did it a little bit in the very beginning of his career, but I think he decided that that’s not something he really wants to do 24/7.”

She added:

“They’ll do bits and pieces, he’ll do a little bit of game shows, maybe Jason will do some production work, you know, it just depends on what comes their way. They’re dabbling in a lot of different stuff right now.”

Understandable! We can’t see Taylor being a big fan of reality TV, either! And if we want them to be endgame, they gotta be on the same page! Right?? Reactions? Let us know (below)!

[Image via TODAY/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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