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Did Ireland Baldwin Find The Low-Key GROSSEST Drake Lyric Ever?!

Drake Worst Lyric Ireland Baldwin

A lot of Drake fans have been in denial for the past couple years only to have all the rumors hit them in the face at once thanks to the Kendrick Lamar diss track battle. But now that they’re facing them, they’re looking at all his old quotes — and lyrics — through a particular prism.

Turns out Ireland Baldwin is one of those fans. But has she found the low-key ickiest one?

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The lyric in question is from the 2021 track Papi’s Home. Ireland shared on her Instagram late Wednesday night:

“I’m standing at the top, that’s how I know you never seen the top / Sierra Canyon parking lot lookin’ like Magic City parking lot”

It’s that second line there that’s got her with her head in her hands. She wrote:

“I’ve been losing it at the old Drake lyrics being dug up but THIS one. NOT MY ELEMENTARY-HIGH SCHOOL SIERRA CANYON LOOKIN LIKE MAGIC CITY.  Upper school or lower school? SEND HELP.

Clearly Ireland is putting 2 and 2 together here. Sierra Canyon is the private school she went to — and not just high school, elementary too! And Drake is comparing it to the parking lot of Magic City, a famous Atlanta strip club.

It’s easy to see how — with all the talk of Drake being into super young girls and possibly having tried to groom 14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown — one could read this as creepy. After all, Kendrick infamously hit him with the line:

“And we gotta raise our daughters knowin’ there’s predators like him lurkin'”

People are listening now. And we mean… it kinda sounds like he’s comparing the girls in the school parking lot to the ones in the club parking lot, right?! Especially when he follows that up with:

“Hear the talks when I walk by like you know it’s over when we drop”

Like he’s boasting about high school girls being excited by him?? No wonder Ireland is tombstone emoji!

But the meaning of the lyrics is a little more complicated than that. The context here is that the school is now home to the kids of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Readings vary, but it’s largely assumed the line is about how the high school basketball team games have become something of a hot spot for A-listers due to the parentage involved. He and Michael B. Jordan have both been known to attend as if they’re watching the Raptors or Lakers. So the parking lot, filled with the cars of rappers and NBA stars, would have a lot of the same cars as an ATL strip club. It makes sense.


It’s also a reminder how Drake, a guy people are very uneasy about being around underage girls now, has been going to high school sporting events for a while. And that line about hearing the talk about him when he rolls up? Paired with the title Papi’s Home? Eek.

Anyway, what do YOU think? Do YOU have a top contender for Drake lyric that feels grossest in retrospect??

[Image via Drake/YouTube/Ireland Baldwin/Instagram.]

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