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Drowning Her Sorrows


Poor Jugs!

Jessica Simpson reportedly got good and wasted the day John Meyer “went public” with that thing he’s having with Jennifer Aniston.

Jess was said to be very upset about John – not Tony Romo, the guy who JUST dumped her.

Romo supposedly dumped Simpson because she never really got over Mayer.

A tore up Jess dived into a 4 hour drinking session last week at Mexicali Cocina Cantina in L.A. to numb the pain she was feeling. Joining her was BFF Cacee Cobb and Cobb’s boy, Scrubs actor Donald Faison.

Simpson got so plastered that she had to call her mom, Tina, for a ride home. (Thankfully she didn’t drink and drive).

Cobb was reportedly shitfaced too, so she couldn’t motor Jessica home. Cacee was SO drunk that she barfed under the table they were at.


[Image via WENN.]

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May 14, 2008 14:45pm PDT