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German Zoo Says It Might 'Slaughter Animals To Feed Other Animals' Amid Coronavirus Shutdown!

German zoo says they might have to slaughter their animals

We don’t want to criticize, but this sounds like the worst worst-case scenario plan of all time.

As zoos around the globe remain closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a German wildlife park wants everyone to know that it may have to resort to desperate measures to maintain its business — and by desperate, we mean genuinely deranged.

According to the New York Times, Tierpark Neumünster has yet to receive “any city funds” since closing its doors on March 15 and has been relying on donations to keep its operations alive. But because the situation is so dire, park director Verena Kaspari already has a last-resort plan just in case they run out of money: killing the animals to use as food for the other animals.

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Yes, seriously. Kaspari told German news agency DPA via the Times:

“If I no longer have any money to buy feed, or if it should happen that my feed supplier is no longer able to deliver due to new restrictions, then I would slaughter animals to feed other animals.”

The director reiterated that this “is really the worst, worst case of all,” but still… WTF!?

The zoo didn’t say how officials would choose which animals would be designated as a food source, but Kaspari confirmed their polar bear, Vitus — who is said to be the largest polar bear in Germany, standing nearly 12 feet tall — would definitely be the last. 

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Naturally, not everyone agrees with the zoo’s morbid plan. Lea Schmitz, a spokeswoman for German animal welfare association Deutscher Tierschutzbund told the publication:

“Zoos bear the responsibility for their animals — even in times of crisis. Instead of conjuring up horror scenarios, the Neumünster Zoo should do everything possible to get its animals through this crisis with its own financial reserves, if those are available, government aid or other public funds.”

Seriously though — this last-resort plan makes Joe Exotic look like the head of PETA. (Actually, he sounds like the worst, too.)

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What do U think about this, Perezcious readers? Is this crazy idea just an effort to scare the German government into giving the zoo money, or are these animals truly in jeopardy??

Share your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via AEDT/WENN]

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