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Grey's Anatomy DRAMA! Chyler Leigh's Husband Claims Jesse Williams Took Advantage Of His Wife During Mental Breakdown!

Jesse Williams Chyler Leigh Husband Twitter Feud Greys Anatomy Cheating

Damn, this is some serious dirt!

Grey’s Anatomy fans might not necessarily know the name Nathan West; he was only on one episode. But if you follow the cast behind the scenes, you know he’s the husband of Lexie Grey herself, Chyler Leigh.

And soon you’ll know the actor not for his one-off in season 6, but for the boiling hot tea he’s spilling about his wife and her co-star!

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Nathan took to Twitter late Wednesday night to unload something that’s apparently been bothering him for like a decade he says Jesse Williams is a f**kboy who tried to make a move on Chyler! Not only that, it was at her most vulnerable state!

He laid down the gauntlet, writing:

“Okay. It’s taken a lot of years to get here & I’m sorry for that truly but ya’ll need to know that @iJesseWilliams is a #fraud! This guys been manipulating women for way too long. I know ya’ll gonna think I’m wrong cuz ya’ll love #GreysAnatomy but #truth”

Clearly the response from fans was less than receptive, as shortly after he responded:

“This is funny. Maybe there is truly no justice in the world. #peace #Imout”

“Look if I’m wrong please take me down. I will accept that. But I’m not wrong!”

But he wasn’t done. After quite a few followers demanded he back up his tease with the hot goss, he explained, writing directly to Jesse — including tagging his Twitter account:

“@iJesseWilliams So let’s go backwards! Umm… U knew me & (of course my wife;) Hahaha!!! U told me U wanted to be like me cuz I was not just an actor, or musician but a producer.”

“@iJesseWilliams Then u decided my wife should be fair game (when she admits a complete mental break down #bipolar) cause she was trying to figure it out.”

Wow. Did Jesse really make a play for Chyler after she was first going through the episodes that led her to be diagnosed as bipolar? We gather this would have been around the time their characters Jackson and Lexie were hooking up on the show. Huh. That is some disgustingly predatory behavior if true!

Nathan is certainly convinced. We can’t help but wonder, considering he’s willing to go this public with his accusations, if he has receipts — or if Chyler is ready to say something.

Chyler Leigh and husband Nathan West in 2015
Chyler Leigh and husband Nathan West in 2015. / (c) FayesVision/WENN

The couple have been together for over two decades, and married for 19 years. As Nathan wrote:

“And honestly… I love this woman more than anything… would give my life for her & for all she is.”

That’s really sweet, but… he was obviously more interested in waging war than declaring love. He continued gunning for Jesse, writing:

“What do you all want? Gossip? Okay, here’s the deal… Jesse tried to destroy my family but did not succeed… really just destroyed his own, because he’s all about him #truth to save his own ass. #fake #letstalk @iJesseWilliams I ready”

Man, now we can’t help but put this in the context of Lexie’s shocking exit on Grey’s. At the time Chyler revealed she had made the decision to leave the show to spend more time with her family. But then she kept working as an actress, becoming a series regular first on Taxi Brooklyn and then Supergirl. So… did she really just need to get away from GA for some reason? A reason named Jesse Williams??

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Nathan apparently doesn’t think anyone will believe his story; he ended his tweetstorm by writing pessimistically:

“I do understand I can’t win this one because of his fame, but just thought ya’ll should know the #truth take it or leave it…”

Damn. What will YOU do with it? Do you buy the story? Need to know more?? it affected her decision to leave Grey’s?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Brian To/WENN/Instar/ABC/Netflix.]

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