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Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The Strangest Wellness Thing She's Ever Tried -- And Yes, It's In The Butt!

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The Strangest Wellness Thing She's Ever Tried -- And Yes, It's In The Butt!

It has become its own meme at this point, but Gwyneth Paltrow is really into lifestyle and wellness stuff.

Her mega-brand Goop has turned into a massive business success. Many more celeb-founded and star-powered brands have followed suit, too. Take Kourtney Kardashian‘s ventures with Poosh and Lemme, or Jessica Alba‘s work with The Honest Company. Lifestyle brands are hot!

Gwyneth’s success has come in large part because she believes in what she’s selling. After all, she tries the stuff on herself! And every year, her gift guides and marketing promos attract gawkers amazed at their often-NSFW content. Heck, she even bases Goop products on her own, ummm, scent. Clearly, the 50-year-old star is all in!!

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And on Monday, she proved it once more. The Oscar winner sat down for an interview on Dear Media‘s podcast The Art of Being Well. During the chat, Gwyneth revealed that her latest health push has been ozone therapy. But it’s not just any old lifestyle procedure! It’s one that is administered RECTALLY.

Yes, you read that right. The Shallow Hal star explained:

“I have used ozone therapy, rectally. Can I say that?”

Well, Gwyneth, you just did!

While laughing and joking about the, uh, back-end point of insertion, Paltrow added:

“It’s pretty weird. It’s pretty weird, yeah. But it’s been very helpful.”

Yeah, it is weird!! But according to lifestyle experts, there may be some serious science behind it. Rectal ozone therapy — known in the medical world as “rectal ozone insufflation” — is apparently beneficial for boosting energy, relieving pain, improving metabolism, and strengthening the immune system.

One wellness company boasts this about the procedure:

“This method can be used for multiple disease processes from colon related conditions to chronic autoimmune conditions. … During rectal insufflations, a mix of ozone/oxygen is introduced through a catheter into the colon. It is an oxygen gas enema. The ozone helps remove inflammation and kills pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast. It can help
restore healthy gut flora.”

But wait! It gets even crazier!

Back in April of 2021, doctors in Egypt hypothesized rectal ozone insufflation could help people with COVID-19. They performed rectal ozone therapy on several sick COVID patients and came away with this conclusion:

“Rectal O3 insufflation can be used safely as adjuvant management for patients with COVID-19 disease.”

How about THAT?! Are you listening, Anthony Fauci??

Clearly, this must mean the science is now settled on the health benefits of blasting ozone up your butt! Ha!!

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As for Gwyneth, she clearly really loves weird wellness s**t. Elsewhere in this week’s podcast, the Politician actress opened up about some ketone drinks she loves. When the podcast host quipped the ketone concoction “tastes like cherry gasoline,” Paltrow conceded that it did — but added this:

“It helps with cognition and brain fog and energy. I have it with green tea in the afternoon. It tastes pretty, pretty bad. I believe that they are coming out with an improved flavor or an improved version, which is very exciting.”

Her definition of “exciting” differs from ours. LOLz!

But we’re not hating. More power to her for clearly living the lifestyle she preaches about. For Paltrow, beauty wellness is pain! What about U, tho, Perezcious readers?? Would y’all ever undergo rectal ozone therapy?! Sound OFF with your tushy-centered take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram/CBS Sunday Mornings/YouTube]

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