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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reveals She's Struggling With Her Mental Health After Prison -- Here's Why

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reveals Why She’s Struggling With Mental Health Since Prison Release

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is struggling to deal with the pressures of life outside of prison, and it’s unfortunately taking a toll on her mental health.

The 32-year-old appeared on a For Your Consideration panel on Wednesday to discuss her Lifetime shows the Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her upcoming series, Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup. During the event, she told People’s Janine Rubenstein, who was moderating, that she has been dealing with the “negative effect” of fame since she was released from jail in December. Gypsy Rose candidly opened up:

“I’m very much an introvert. And so coming out and this media storm hit me, and I was… At first, I really, really was touched by the positivity that people were showing me. And then as social media began, and how it always does, it turned negative. It started to have a negative effect on my mental health.”

Oof. It couldn’t have been easy to be praised by the internet one minute and then s**t on the next! Like she said, that’s the way things go online sometimes. But it sux to be on the receiving end of it!!

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And Gypsy hinted at this in the trailer for her new docuseries, as well. In it, she emotionally reacted to seeing death threats in her comment section. Not easy! That would impact anyone’s mental health!

Acknowledging that she took “a step back” from social media at the advice of her parole officer before returning this week, the convicted murderer shared:

“But I just recently got back into it with having learned don’t read comments. So I mean, I’m just trying to live my life in the best way that I can.”

She’s also been dealing with a messy divorce from Ryan Anderson while embarking on a new romance with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker, so it’s been a crazy few weeks. To say the very least!! And she spoke about even more, too. On the “biggest lesson” she’s learned in general since being on parole, she insisted:

“To take your time.”

The My Time to Stand author elaborated:

“Because I think too often, I get also excited about my newfound freedom, and so I think I rush to do things, I want to cram it all in, so I’m just learning to take my time.”

The good news is that she is apparently “doing very well” now, and she seems hopeful for her future. Gypsy concluded:

“These last four months has been met with challenges and ups and downs, but that’s life, right? So I’m just enjoying it.”

We hope she has a solid support system! Social media is only going to get harder to deal with and take a bigger toll on her mental health as she continues to share more insight into her life! Plus, we’re sure she’s still unpacking a ton of trauma from her difficult childhood, too. How could she not be?! Thoughts? Let us know (below)…

[Image via Lifetime/YouTube]

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