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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Abruptly Deleted All Her Social Media -- Is This The REAL Reason??

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Abruptly Deleted All Social Media For THIS Reason

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is done with her influencer era.

Followers of the controversial 32-year-old were shocked this week to see she’d suddenly deleted her social media accounts. Since being released from prison, the convicted murderer was quite popular in the media for a while. She did interviews, made TikTok videos, posted intimate details of her love life to Instagram, even got supported by a few brands — the works! She was becoming a total celebrity.

Naturally, there was a LOT of chatter about whether or not she should be held to such high esteem, considering why she was famous… But now it’s all academic. Because that part of Gypsy’s life is all over!

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In a video posted to TikTok earlier this week, which has since been deleted along with all the others, the Louisiana native explained she feels “regret” about her little media tour post-prison release. She explained how from now on her Facebook and IG will remain private:

“To my family, my dad, my husband. All I am is just Gypsy. And they love me for being who I am. My private Facebook and my private Instagram has #LoveForWhoIAm as my bio.”

She then went on to make an apology to all those she may have hurt with her “lack of accountability”:

“Number one, to all the people that I offended with a lack of accountability, the first month or so that I was out of prison and the lack of accountability in my interviews, I’m sorry. I’m learning. I take accountability for my part, and I’m saying this right now. I’m taking accountability. I did a bad thing … [I have] been given a second chance at life … give me a little grace.”

The author wrapped up the video by explaining its purpose was to be a “public apology to anyone that felt offended by my lack of accountability” and explain how she regrets “coming out of prison and [doing] all the interviews and stuff like that”:

“Let my actions match my words. And we’ll go from there. I definitely have a good support system. And I think I’m just now starting to get around to listening to my inner self instead of all the noise that’s been on social media. So with that being said, thank you so much for watching and hearing me out … I’m trying to take steps forward, if that makes sense.”

OK, all that is admirable, taking full accountability. But maybe that’s not the whole story?

A source confirmed to People on Friday this move was “at the advisement of her parole officer, so she won’t get in trouble and go back to jail.” So… it isn’t just the moral high ground? She’s also being cautious so she can remain a free woman! Hmm…

What do U think about Gypsy’s decision, Perezcious readers? Drop your opinion in the comments (below).

[Image via The View/YouTube]

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