Hailey Baldwin Is Being ‘Choosy’ With Modeling Jobs So She Can Focus More On Justin Bieber!

Hailey Baldwin is putting family before the catwalk.

The 21-year-old model said she’s being “really choosy” with modeling jobs so she can spend more time with her fiancé Justin Bieber — which just so happens to be what her uncle, Alec Baldwin, suggested the couple do before they tie the knot.

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When Stephen Baldwin’s daughter was asked about the advice her uncle gave the couple in a recent interview, she told WWD:

“I hadn’t heard this yet, so you’re actually the first telling me. But that sounds like very sound, solid advice. He’s just trying to look out for me… It’s smart, and it’s important. You have to always put family above work, no matter what.”

Wise words, young Baldwin.

The model made the comments during Carolina Herrera‘s New York Fashion Week show on Monday. While she’s been in attendance at several shows this week, Hailey is being extra picky about which shows she actually walks in. She continued:

“I’ve tried to be really choosy with fashion week going forward, just because I want to have the time to spend being relaxed and being with family — and my fiancé.”

Sounds like she’s got her priorities in order.

[Image via JCR/WENN.]

Sep 11, 2018 2:16pm PST