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Harmony Montgomery's Father Sentenced To LENGTHY Prison Term For Her Murder -- Tragic Details

Harmony Montgomery's Father Sentenced To Long Prison Term For Her Murder -- Tragic Details

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Harmony Montgomery has finally received a modicum of justice.

Her father was sentenced in a New Hampshire courtroom on Thursday to decades in prison after being convicted of her murder. If you’ve followed the case, you know Adam Montgomery was accused of beating the 5-year-old girl to death and moving her corpse around for months before disposing of it. Cops have never found Harmony’s remains, as we’ve been reporting, but the prosecution was able to make their case well enough at Adam’s trial to land a conviction.

Adam had previously pleaded guilty to abusing a corpse and falsifying evidence in Harmony’s case — but he had been fighting the murder charge leading up to his trial and conviction in February. But now, based on Thursday’s sentencing, he’ll almost certainly serve the rest of his life in prison — as he was hit with a minimum of 56 years!

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We say “almost certainly” because on top of the 56-year term for Harmony’s death, Adam had already been serving a 32-year sentence on an unrelated gun charge. So, with those two terms set to run consecutively, the 34-year-old will serve the next eight decades behind bars. So unless he lives to be 120…

We’ve reported on Harmony’s case extensively, as you may recall. Prosecutors in the city of Manchester believe she was killed way back in 2019. However, she wasn’t reported missing until 2021. By then, when other people in Adam’s life began to wonder where Harmony had gone, the situation turned tragic. So sad.

Per WEAU 13 News in New Hampshire, which was covering the sentencing hearing as it was carried out on Thursday, Harmony’s mother Crystal Sorey read a heartbreaking statement directed at Adam in the courtroom. With tears in her eyes, the grieving mother shared:

“She had a life worth living, unlike your own, and it bothered you to your core that she was nothing like you and everything like me. I will forever look for her until the end of my days. But I hope that every day and every night here on this earth, you hear nothing but my baby’s giggle.”

We send our condolences to Harmony’s mother, and the rest of her loved ones. Such a sad, awful situation. At least it ended with some form of justice for the perpetrator — though it’ll never bring back that sweet, innocent little girl.


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[Image via Manchester Police Department]

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