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Big Harmony Montgomery Development -- Police Begin New Search In Specific Location

Big Harmony Montgomery Development -- Police Begin New Search In Specific Location

Six months after missing 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery‘s father was charged with her murder, police are narrowing down the search for her remains.

As we previously reported, in late 2019 the little girl was last seen in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire. Horrifyingly, no one would report her missing until TWO whole years later. A series of administrative errors involving state payments for Harmony to her birth parents — Adam Montgomery and his estranged wife Kayla Montgomery — made it so police weren’t aware until it was too late.

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Early last year both parents were arrested on unrelated charges, but as time went on police began to suspect something more sinister was going on. Police raided the family’s home in the summer and removed several potential pieces of evidence — including a refrigerator — which a former FBI agent told The Sun at the time is a move to “maintain biological evidence.” Just chilling…

Police believe the child’s father Adam was the one who murdered her by “beating her to death” with a closed fist in December of 2019. He was charged with abuse of a corpse, falsifying physical evidence, and tampering with witnesses. He was indicted by a grand jury on charges of second degree murder this past January, as well.

Before, it seemed like police might never be able to find the remains of the little girl, but a new update on Friday shows they seem to be honing in on a very specific location.

Massachusetts State Police are conducting a brand new search along the wetlands following Route 107, specifically in the area of Revere, according to local outlet WCVB. It’s reported 18 officers from the MSP Special Emergency Response Team are there and searching in some seriously tough terrain.

Spokesperson David Procopio said the location was “prompted by information developed by investigators.” Does this mean they got a tip? Did her father finally speak up? Or let something slip? For now, spokesperson Michael Garrity is warning against any speculation:

“Due to the ongoing investigation, no additional information will be released at this time. Officials caution against any speculation related to the potential results of this search.”

We guess we’ll have to wait and see what they find. But the fact they’re suddenly searching again, and in such a specific area, it seems like a good sign we might get some closure soon. You can watch more about the case updates (below):

While speaking to Fox News Digital Friday, the adoptive father of Harmony’s brother Jamison said he just hopes police can find her remains to bring some peace to the family:

“We hope she can be found so our son, when he’s older, and can comprehend this preventative tragedy, will have a place to visit and grieve his sister.”

Sadly, the late child’s brother just doesn’t seem to understand the loss:

“He often asks us, ‘Why did my sister, my best friend, have to die?’”

Just heartbreaking. A parent should never have to hear their child say something like that…

Our hearts continue to be with Harmony’s loved ones as they navigate this unthinkable tragedy. May they get the peace they deserve.

[Image via CBS Boston/YouTube/Manchester Police Department]

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