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'He Visited Her Trailer': How & When Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Started Dating

Harry Styles Olivia Wilde Dating How Relationship Started Movie Set

WildStyles. Oliviarry. Whatever you want to call it. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are an early frontrunner for hottest Hollywood power couple after they went public with their relationship this week.

While they haven’t officially confirmed per se — they aren’t Instagram official yet or anything — attending a wedding together over the weekend, in which they were photographed openly holding hands, was a pretty clear debut statement for two celebs with such PR savvy.

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So when did this happen? And how??

Well, it isn’t tough to figure out why these two would be into one another; they’re two of the hottest people on the planet. And by all accounts they had both been single for a while, with Olivia’s engagement to baby daddy Jason Sudeikis having ended months earlier than anyone knew.

But they were also working together, on Olivia’s second film, a psychological relationship thriller called Don’t Worry Darling. As the director, she’s kind of risking a lot by mixing business with pleasure, isn’t she? As they say, don’t s**t where you eat.

However, the two hit it off right away, and it couldn’t be helped. As one source told Us Weekly:

“Harry and Olivia had chemistry almost instantaneously on set. It was only a matter of time before they got together.”

Another source explained that it was a real meeting of the minds, as the two artists both came at the relationship from a place of mutual respect — with the steam coming afterward (immediately after as it turned out):

“What started out as a close friendship, quickly turned romantic.”

The insider revealed the heat coming off the two was so intense, the rest of the cast and crew were just sitting there roasting marshmallows on it, awaiting the inevitable:

“Everyone saw it coming. During breaks, he hasn’t been able to stay away and visited her trailer.”

Ooh, he “visited her trailer,” eh? Oh, that’s not a euphemism? Her trailer on the movie set? Oh, OK. Still probably pretty sexy.

So it was Harry who made the first moves? Inneresting. Especially considering he was reportedly in “no hurry” to fall in love last year, as his big breakup with Camille Rowe in Summer of 2018 had left him well and truly heartbroken.

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A source said as recently as December:

“He’s got some options in the pipeline in terms of who he’d like to date under the right circumstances, but nothing intense or formal.”

Something tells us that source was not as in the know as they thought — Harry and Olivia have been dating for weeks, so they were probably already getting intense at that time (though they wouldn’t get formal until the wedding).

The first we saw Harry on set of the film — he replaced Shia LaBeouf, who reportedly broke Olivia’s “zero a**hole policy” — was on November 3, in photos you can see HERE on Page Six. And yes, they do look quite giddy outside Olivia’s trailer.

Innerestingly, that was actually a week and a half before the news of Olivia and Jason’s split went public. Did they get together before that? Did Olivia’s team leak the news of the breakup on purpose because things were happening with Harry??

Oh man, we actually have more questions than we did before now…

[Image via IPA/WENN/Instar.]

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