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Harry Styles Reportedly Splits From Girlfriend Taylor Russell After THIS Make-Or-Break Move Broke Them!

Harry Styles Reportedly Splits From Girlfriend Taylor Russell After THIS Make-Or-Break Move Broke Them!

It just wasn’t meant to be for Harry Styles and Taylor Russell.

The couple has reportedly split up according to sources who spoke to the US Sun on Sunday afternoon. Per those insiders, the split has come about after what insiders regarded to be a make-or-break trip to Japan back in April for the duo. Sadly, the trip apparently broke them, and now, they have parted ways and ended their connection.

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The former One Direction star and the Canadian actress had started dating just about 14 months ago. And in April, they were spotted riding bikes around Tokyo. At the time, it seemed like the happy couple was just enjoying a vacation together. But now, we know that the trip to the Far East was the eventual final nail in the coffin for both of them.

An insider said this about the 30-year-old singer and the 29-year-old actress:

“Harry and Taylor have ended their relationship. They went through a rough patch after their trip to Japan and are taking some time apart.”

The confidant continued with even more details about how the duo’s connection had “become strained recently,” which prompted them to part ways:

“He’s been in America and she’s been in London. They made a lovely couple and it was obvious Taylor made Harry happy. Things have become strained recently though and they’ve taken some time out.”

Oh, no!

Does “taken some time out” imply a possibility of reconciliation in the future, tho? No insight from this insider as to whether that’s on the table for now — just a split. Ugh! Regardless, that would track with recent public appearances, at least. Russell was at the celeb-filled Met Gala in New York City at the beginning of this month without Styles, who stayed on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in London.

But it’s definitely a shocker to hear that things are over for the stars after more than a year together! As you may recall, back in March, a source spoke to Daily Mail about Styles and indicated the 1D crooner was ready to start a family — with Russell! Calling Harry “besotted” at the time, that insider claimed:

“Harry feels as if he has lived ten lifetimes already, but one thing is certain — his 30s will be nothing like his 20s. He has experienced all the fame anyone could ever want. He is now ready for the next chapter. He is in love with Taylor. He wants a family with her and this is the next phase of his life.”

So, it’s quite a quick and unexpected fall to go from talking about kids in March to going on an apparent make-or-break trip in April and then being totally broken up in May. Ugh!!

Sending love and light to the pair. Breakups are never, ever fun. We wish the best in love and life for each of them moving forward!

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