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Heidi Fleiss And Tom Sizemore Brawl In VH-1's Sober House!

Dr. Drew is a master of bringing the dramz, whether he knows it or not!
Former exes Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore have been thrown into VH-1’s Sober House together, and the verbal abuse coming from both parties has become so intense that Fleiss was asked to leave the house for a night!!
Sizemore, who was accused and convicted by Fleiss of assault and battery in 2003, has been the prime target of Heidi’s scathing attacks while shacking up in the Sober House, a spin-off of Dr. Drew’s popular Celebrity Rehab series.
Fleiss reportedly said “horrible things about [Sizemore] being a loser and wife beater,” which set Sizemore off.
He can’t handle the truth???
“They both stood up like it was an episode of Gunsmoke and had a stare off,” one source revealed. “Then the insults got nastier and nastier.”
The fighting became so intense that Dr. Drew was called to the house by the Sober House staff to try and calm the two down. Fleiss was eventually sent away to her sister’s home for the night to cool off.
Sources claim Fleiss has no intention of laying off Sizemore, which will no doubt get the former mistress booted from the show for good!
Whose brazilliant idea was it to put these two in a sober living facility together????
Update: Dr. Drew just sent us the following statement, “This story is inaccurate. The facts will speak for themselves when the show airs. Tom and Heidi did not have a “stare off”. Heidi did leave briefly but for other reasons. Both are doing quite well right now.”
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Jul 19, 2009 12:22pm PDT

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