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Woman Who Exposed Hilaria Baldwin Speaks Out: 'It's Offensive & Wrong'

Hilaria baldwin twitter spanish grift

Feel bad about Hilaria Baldwin’s collapse? The woman who exposed her on Twitter sure doesn’t!

The owner of the handle @lenibriscoe spoke to about her viral tweet that sparked the discussion on the influencer’s alleged Spanish heritage grift, telling the publication that Alec Baldwin’s wife should “own what she did.”

As we reported, the 36-year-old yoga instructor tried to defend herself following the backlash, telling the New York Times  she did nothing wrong — but Briscoe said Hilaria is “offensive and wrong” to falsely claim she was from Spain because she was taking opportunities away from people who actually have Spanish roots.

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The woman — who asked to remain anonymous, but revealed that she’s white and went to Vassar college in New York — said she had little regrets about tweeting on December 21 out of boredom:

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.”

The tweet ignited a social media frenzy, causing swarms of critics to post examples of Hilaria using a Spanish accent while others pointed out that she was born and raised in Boston to white parents (pictured above) whose families had lived in New England for generations. Some even claimed they knew her when she was in school — and still a rich white girl named Hillary who had no trace of an accent.

While all the information was out there, it just needed one good shove to get over the tipping point and go viral. Enter the “grift” tweet.

Video: Alec Impersonates Hilaria’s Allegedly Fake ‘Accent’

Briscoe, who lives in New York, said there wasn’t one particular thing that the mother-of-five did that made her share the tweet, but suggested Hilaria’s persona needed to be exposed in general. She explained that “my friends have taken her yoga class in New York and her accent has been really consistent (Spanish),” adding:

“It’s offensive and wrong to pretend you’re an immigrant and that you speak English as a second language and appropriate the actual experience that actual immigrant women have. That’s not what happened. She made a post saying people at the park think she’s the nanny because her kids are blonde and have blue eyes. That is something that happens to moms of color who actually have an accent.”

She’s certainly not wrong there! The New Yorker continued:

“That’s offensive, these are hard experiences that people actually have and she pretended. It’s not really necessary. She could be a hot white influencer. Plenty of people do that… When I started I didn’t realize she’d been impersonating a [Spaniard] and other people found articles where she talked about [Spanish] culture. That makes it worse to me.”

Another reason Briscoe fired off the tweet? Pure boredom. She explained:

“People were asking me don’t you have anything better to do and the answer is: no I don’t. It’s a pandemic, it’s cold outside and I don’t celebrate Christmas. If I were that rich I’d have something better to do.”


Still, Briscoe thought “nothing that much” would come from the tweet, assuming that “maybe people would talk about it on Twitter and it would be funny.” But as fate would have it, the tweet went viral — so much that the media started reporting on it. She recalled:

“The first couple of articles on NBC were very pro Hillary, like Hilaria fires back, just the tone seemed very corporate synergy given Alec Baldwin is on (NBC show) 30 Rock. When it got bigger I thought it was embarrassing for the Baldwins.”

Over the weekend, Hilaria and Alec each filmed their own response videos; she admitted to being a “white girl” but blanched at the idea she was faking a whole culture.

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Meanwhile Alec compared Briscoe to a used bar coaster. In response, Briscoe fired back on Twitter:

“Did Alec Baldwin just call me basura (trash) and compare me to QAnon sir this is not that.”

Unsurprisingly, all the drama has made Briscoe a public target as well, with users berating her with hateful messages on social media. She said:

“Some people said I did it because I’m jealous and uglier. I don’t care if I’m uglier. It seems like a lot of work to look like her.”

And while she would likely post the tweet again, Briscoe admitted she “feels some responsibility” for the anti-Hilaria commentary getting out of control, sharing:

“In this case it was funny but social media can be really cruel and harmful when there’s a pile on when someone does something that people don’t like. I don’t think that’s great. In this case people were saying some cruel and unnecessary things. That bothered me. There are so many things you could criticize Hillary Baldwin for, it’s not necessary to make fun of how many kids she has, that was really offensive to me.”

Agreed. Anyone just using this as an excuse to bully and not legitimately call out wrongdoing is pretty nasty… and sadly par for the course online. The Twitter user mused:

“It reminded me of when people make fun of Melania Trump for modeling nude. Who cares? That’s not hurting anyone. She’s done other things that you can make fun of. There are elements of misogyny that come in but it’s important to call people out when they are doing things that are harmful which I think this was.”

As for what the critic would say to Hilaria if she had the chance (she said she wouldn’t be in a room with Alec, referencing his violent past)?

“If I could talk to Hilaria on her own, I would say she should say sorry to all the immigrants and English second language learners and moms of color who are actually mistaken for their children’s nannies. She should own what she did.”

In other words, Hilaria should admit she lied about her heritage. But based on what we’ve been reporting, we don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon. If anything, she’s reached the stage of blaming everyone else for just getting confused. Right…

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers? Was this woman right to expose Hilaria? Share your thoughts (below).

[Image via Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram/Twitter/David Thomas/Facebook]

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