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Shanna Moakler Claims She Caught Travis Barker & Kim Kardashian Making Plans To Cheat!

Shanna Moakler Claims Travis Barker Cheated Kim Kardashian

Whoa! This may be the biggest bombshell of Shanna Moakler‘s entire interview!

The former Playboy model came out swinging on Wednesday’s episode of Bunnie Xo’s Dumb Blonde podcast, accusing her ex Travis Barker of “womanizing”, saying he and Kourtney Kardashian influenced her kids against her using their wealth, literally telling the Kardashians in general to f**k off.

But this story, if true, is the type of seed from which grows mighty oaks of resentment!

We already heard Shanna accuse Travis of cheating, saying she “saw all the emails” from other women on his computer. But this is the big one for Trav. His white whale. Well, his Armenian whale. Kim Kardashian.

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Yeah. Shanna says she caught Travis and Kim *actively making plans to have sex*! Now, this is not to say they 100% went through with it, Shanna doesn’t know. But she says she saw the receipts about the plans. She claimed on the podcast that someone had “anonymously texted” evidence of conversations between the two. We assume she means text messages. Who would do that? Who would want to stop this hookup?? Hmm. What did the messages say?

“They were trying to meet up at her sister’s house to f**k.”

Whoa. WHOA! Not only were they planning to hook up, something that would devastate future Kourt, who is head over heels for the Blink-182 drummer, but it was 50/50 going to be at her house?? (It could also have been Khloé Kardashian‘s place — which may actually be more likely.)

So what happened? Shanna says she confronted Travis with the messages — and he immediately deleted them!

“[He] said, ‘I don’t see anything.'”

OMG, that gaslighting MF! Again, if this is true… But damn!

Shanna says she didn’t let it go. She next confronted Kim about the messages, and she once again got a denial.

“She just said to me, ‘I don’t like white guys.'”

Ah, but we know from her Pete Davidson relationship years later, that she is kind of into some white guys. Slim, tatted up, BDE bad boy types. Describe anyone you know? Shanna replied:

“I was like, ‘You’ll f**k anyone to be famous.’”

She couldn’t let it go. And why should she? Would YOU?? Shanna recalled:

“Travis and I never really recovered from that. I felt stupid.”

It was heartbreaking for Shanna because she “was so in love with him.” And if it turned out to be true, if there was some way to prove it really happened… we could see it hitting Kourtney the same way.

We learned long ago that Travis had a big crush on Kim, and that alone felt so awkward for his marriage to Kourt. But to learn they were making plans to have sex? And they may have actually gone through with it for all we know?

What do YOU think, Perezcious dating experts? Would that be enough to break the tight bond Kravis have now? Is the very possibility what’s been driving a wedge between the sisters the past few months?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Bunny Xo/Keeping Up With The Kardashians/YouTube/Travis Barker/Instagram.]

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